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Damage Policy

  • Design Furnishings reserves the right to repair or replace the damaged item at its sole discretion. If Design Furnishings determines that repair is impractical, you will be furnished a substitute unit of the same or similar color, design, style and quality.

    Your order will be delivered to your address but NOT UNBOXED by the delivery staff so you will not always know if there is damage to any item(s) within the box.

    Occasionally during shipment an item may incur some damage in which case you must CALL US and File a Claim within 48 hours of receiving shipment.

    Please do not refuse delivery of an entire shipment due to damage of a particular item, as this will greatly delay replacement of damaged merchandise.

    Due to shipping and delivery company policies all damage claims WILL BE DENIED if you do not notate on the delivery receipt that the boxes are damaged at the time of delivery.


    IMPORTANT:  Prior to signing you must write a note that there is damage to the boxes on the delivery receipt in order for any Damage Claim to be accepted. Writing "subject to inspection" is not acceptable and WILL NOT allow you to file a claim later if you find damage when the boxes are opened.


    If 1 or more boxes are missing you MUST make a note on the Delivery receipt indicating how many boxes are missing...If you accept and sign that you received all the boxes without writing on the Delivery receipt that 1 or more boxes are missing...we are unable to replace any missing items as the delivery company will not accept a claim for the missing box(s).

    Please carefully inspect all items within 48 hours of receipt of your order. Any defective or missing item from an order must be reported to Design Furnishings within 48 hours of receipt of order by filing a Claim using our online Claim Form. If you do not notify Design Furnishings within 48 hours of delivery, you may return the item(s) under our standard Return Policy.

    All customer requests for repair or replacement of any item are required to include photos in order to fulfill your requests. Photos are required to confirm the extent of damages for the manufacturer to determine if replacement parts or a full unit replacement is required.

    Please follow the directions below to submit a Damage Claim.

    1. All Damage Claims Forms must be submitted within 48 hours of receipt of order.

    2. Complete the online Claim request form Claim Form with as much detail as possible.

    3. Attach photos of all damages and include a photo of the shipping box for the damaged item. Keep all boxes until claim has been completed.

    4. A Claim Specialist team member will contact you by email and/or phone within 5 business days of receipt of your online claim form with additional instructions.

    Once all requirements are met, your Claim will be resolved by our Claim Team within 30 days from claim filing date. After 48 hours of delivery damage claims will not be accepted.

    Please note broken glass claims will be issued a refund for the price of the glass only.

    We encourage our customers to accept their order despite the condition of any one item at delivery but to notate all package damage on the paperwork provided by the delivery driver. This is because a refusal of a damaged shipment can increase the time it takes to process replacements. Most often when damage is found within a shipment, it usually is on only one item. Accepting the shipment allows the customer to receive all the undamaged items and will greatly reduce the time to process the damaged replacement item.

    Most manufacturers that Design Furnishings works with will authorize the repair or replacement of whichever parts are needed to give you a complete undamaged unit. This is often quicker than replacing an entire unit. If there are too many damaged parts, a new unit may be sent to you at the manufacturer’s discretion. If a new unit is sent out, it will be sent with the same shipping method and processing time as the original order unless special circumstances apply. If tracking information is available for the replacements it will be sent to you via email.

    If a full replacement unit is sent, the original item becomes the property of Design Furnishings. Occasionally our carrier may pick up the damaged or defective items for inspection. Because of this, all items must be kept in their original packaging until further instructions from a Design Furnishings claim team member is given.