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  • KATHY CHINIGO. Paramus, NJ 06/09/2016

    Furniture is gorgeous!

    Ordered this set online and I too was worried about the transit. When it did come the table box was damaged. I told driver that I was instructed to write that on the receipt. He assured me that it wasn\\\'t necessary and I foolishly believed him. Well my husband and I unpacked the entire set and were thrilled with everything but the table. Wicker part underneath was severely damaged. We did not see that a sliver under the glass was there, so we never reported it. I did follow up with pictures of the box and damaged table.(before we saw the cut glass). Customer service was very accommodating with the table but because we didn\\\'t see the glass damage and (forgot) a mark on top, they told me they couldn\\\'t help me. It was my fault that I didn\\\'t report it sooner. I fully understand but I explained that I was so overwhelmed with it, I missed it. (Thought the mark on top could be cleaned off.) I (no excuse) have had a very bad year with losing my mom and the return of my breast cancer. So you can understand the oversight. It was not intentional, nor planned. I am waiting as I type for them to get back to me. I only hope that I don\\\'t have to look for a person that repairs glass, that would be an added expense. I just can\\\'t wait to have a bbq and entertain my wonderful friends but this has to be repaired or replaced before I entertain. I would just tell future buyers to examine it with a magnifying glass because this sliver is small but sharp, and don\\\'t assume the top will come clean. I still would recommend the furniture to others. It is well made.

    Item Purchased : Saturn set 1 table and 8 chairs

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