Winter Landscaping Tips to Beautify Your Patio


If the winter blues have gotten you down, it might be time to make a change to brighten your mood. Rather than focusing on the interior of your house, this winter try altering your winter landscaping. Not only will your garden be better for it, but it will also beautify your patio as well. So, taking a few steps will give you a double benefit. If you are not sure where to begin, try some of the winter landscaping tips and outdoor winter patio ideas below.

Winter-friendly plants

In the winter, it can be too cold to spend time outside. A great solution is bringing some of the outdoors inside. There are many winter-friendly plants that will thrive quite nicely on the patio or front porch. Choose from a variety of evergreen species such as the Japanese Yew or Boxwood Hedge. If you have room outside, you can flank your patio with winter-friendly plants or you can brighten up your indoor patio by planting them in large vases and placing them strategically around the area.

Create a fireside retreat

There is no better way to keep warm on a cold winter’s night than by sitting by a crackling fire. Instead of lighting a fire in your indoor fireplace, take the event outdoors. Create a cozy gathering place by building a firepit into your landscape. If you don’t know how to build your own fire pit, you can purchase one. Either way, lighting a fire is a great way to add ambiance as well as warmth to a cold evening. Don’t forget to keep plenty of marshmallows for toasting on hand. Also, make sure you have plenty of available seating around the fire. Sturdy wicker patio furniture is a great option for sitting around the fire.

Use vibrant colors

Sometimes the long winter can seem even longer and more dreary as it drags on. This feeling is partly brought about by the fact that there is so little color to the season. The snow on the ground is white; and if there is any color to it, it is because it is dirty. The colorful flowers that adorn your landscape all spring and summer are either dormant or dead. But, you can alleviate that situation by finding unique and interesting ways to add color to your landscape. Paint your fence or gate a bright blue or red. Place flower pots around the landscape even if there are no flowers in them. If you do not want them to stay empty then place some artificial flowers in them to liven up the landscape. Any manner in which you can add color to your landscape is good, so take the plunge and do it.

Install outdoor lighting

In the winter, the sun sets early making the days shorter than in the summer. Brighten up your patio and the neighborhood by installing some all-weather outdoor lighting. You will find that if your porch and patio are lit, you will use them more often. Pick lighting that complements the style of your house and accentuates your personal style. You do not need to confine your outdoor lighting to lamps and overhead lights that serve a practical purpose. You can also use lighting to highlight specific features of your landscape such as a pergola or fountain.

Upgrade your exterior doors

If you truly want to beautify your patio, you need to think outside the box a bit. If you can’t get out to your garden to make physical changes to your landscape, consider upgrading your exterior doors. Change them from a boring neutral color to a rich and inviting color. Another option is to get rid of an older style and update it with something modern and contemporary. When your exterior doors are fresh and updated, it will give your entire outdoor area a face lift.

Your landscape and your patio work hand in hand to make your entire outdoor area look beautiful. If you take a little time in the winter to make a few improvements to your landscape, it can help you create an improved patio as well. If you need help picking out the perfect furniture for your upgraded patio, Design Furnishings can help you. Give us a call and take advantage of our expertise.

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