Top 10 Best Outdoor Patio Ideas


A backyard patio is a blank canvas that can be transformed into just about any design a homeowner can imagine. The designs of a backyard are only confined by the limits of a homeowner’s imagination. Since there are so many options from which to choose, the choices can become overwhelming.  It can be difficult to come up with good ideas for designing a patio. So, to get you started, below are 10 of the best patio designs from House Beautiful.

Beach House Patio

If you want to feel like you are on a vacation without leaving your home, give your patio a beach house feel. Pick some light and airy wicker tables and chairs and choose a tablecloth in a bright summery pattern. It is the perfect spot to dine al fresco. All you need is sand to feel like you’re at the beach.

Outdoor Fireplace

Set your patio up as a quaint meeting place. There is just something about a fire that invites engaging conversation. Set up a fire pit and place comfortable chairs and tables around it. You’ll have instant atmosphere.

Outdoor Counter

Adding an outdoor counter to your patio is a great idea. It provides a convenient area for serving food as well as eating. It is also a fabulous way to connect the inside to the outside. Don’t forget to complete the look with some high bar stools.

Outdoor Garden Table

If you have lots of greenery in your backyard, take advantage of its beauty. Setting up an outdoor garden table is the ideal way to enjoy your garden all season long. With the right table decor, you can transform this area into a vintage European getaway.


It is easy to turn your patio into a beautiful country courtyard. Just add some stately light wicker furniture and top it off with some soft, light cushions that are comfortable to sit on. Complete the look with a tasteful piece of statuary or a fountain as a focal point. The entire look will create a chic but welcoming aura.

Breakfast Nook

If you have large shade trees near your patio, use them to your advantage by creating a cozy breakfast nook. There is no better way to enjoy your morning meal and a piping hot cup of coffee than by lounging under a tree and enjoying the great outdoors. A strong and secure table and oversized wicker chairs complete the perfect spot for feasting on bacon and eggs in your own backyard.

Outdoor Living Room

Your patio is truly an extension of your indoor living space. So, treat it as kindly as you would any room in your home. Just like accessories give your indoor rooms a personal touch, they can do the save for your patio. Create a welcoming feel by setting up chairs and a table that invite people to sit and socialize without saying a word. Feel free to use splashes of your favorite colors with throw pillows, vases, or other accessories to add your personal stamp to the area.

Black and White

Go back to the basics with your patio decor. A simple black and white color scheme can make an outdoor entertaining area look like an elegant formal parlor. Black and white sofas and tables create a formal setting that is ideal for an outdoor cocktail party and also allows the beauty of the landscape to shine through.

The Rustic Look

Many people want the outdoors to look outdoorsy. Creating a rustic look for the patio is ideal for people with this mindset. Adding natural elements like a wooden gazebo help to complete the natural, rustic look. Keep the theme running through the entire patio by purchasing a wooden table and chairs as well.

Flower-Inspired Colors

If you are going to create entertaining or lounging space outside, take a cue from Mother Nature and borrow her color palate. Take a look in your backyard garden and see what color schemes predominantly prevail. Then, decorate your patio to accent those colors. Make sure your chairs, tables, accessories, and cushions all complement the natural colors that surround the area.

These samples of beautiful patio designs should get your creative juices flowing and give you some good ideas on how to design your patio. If you need new outdoor furniture to go with your new patio design, check out what Design Furnishings has to offer. We can help you furnish the patio you have been dreaming of.

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