Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Furniture to Survive the Winter


Winter can wreak havoc on patio furniture that is not adequately prepared to face the nasty weather. You need to make a conscious effort to make sure your outdoor furniture survives the off-season, and is ready to go once the spring comes. Knowing how to protect patio furniture in winter helps lengthen its lifespan and can help you save on repairs later. Here are some tips on how to prepare your outdoor furniture for surviving the winter.

Do a quick inspection.

Before you store your patio furniture for the winter, do a quick inspection of it. Throw away any pieces that are broken beyond repair. If you have pieces that are broken but repairable, make the necessary fixes before you store them for the winter.

Clean your patio furniture.

Before you store your patio furniture for the winter, give it a good cleaning. Wooden patio furniture should be wiped down with warm water and a soft cloth. If any stubborn stains remain, attack them with a mildly abrasive cloth. If wood furniture has a natural finish, it can also be treated with furniture oil. This additional step will prevent the wood from splitting as the temperature fluctuates. Wicker furniture is usually sealed. So, it should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water to minimize damage to the surface of the furniture.

Prepare the furniture for storage.

Patio furniture is much easier to store when it is flat. Collapse any pieces of furniture that can be folded and disassemble any segments that easily come apart. Stacking pieces of furniture at an angle and leaving them available for extra weight to be put on them should be avoided whenever possible. Once the furniture is collapsed and folded, place a protective cover over the pieces to shield them from moisture and insect invasion. Finally, store the patio furniture in a dry and secure location for the duration of the season. The furniture should be stored as flatly as possible either on the floor or flush against a wall. Also, try to avoid stacking individual pieces of furniture on top of each other. The weight of each piece can cause damage over the long winter season.

Protect the furniture from the wind.

Patio furniture needs to be protected from the harsh winds of winter. If the furniture is not protected, it can end up strewn all over the yard before long. The best way to protect your outdoor furniture from the wind is to store it in a shed or garage before the weather gets too nasty. If you do not have an enclosed space to store your out-of-season items, they need to be anchored down in some manner, so they do not blow away. There are many possible ways to keep your furniture still throughout the season, and the right method depends on a number of different factors. Click here to see some of the best methods of anchoring furniture so it does not blow away.

Storing cushions.

The cushions of your outdoor furniture should be protected from the winter weather just as carefully as the frames are. The cushions should be cleaned thoroughly before they are put away for the season. Also, you need to make sure the cushions do not get crushed or misshapen while they are in storage, so it is wise to protect them by placing them in plastic boxes or bags that are designed for holding furniture cushions. There are even wicker benches with storage compartments for cushions, so your storage place fits nicely into your decor if you do not have a hidden storage space.

Bring your furniture inside.

A simple way to have your outdoor furniture survive the winter is to bring it inside for a few months. This solution works best when you have ample room inside your home to accommodate the extra furniture. But, it is an excellent idea if you have a sunroom or indoor patio. Wicker furniture is versatile and having the extra seating space can be a lifesaver when you are entertaining guests.

Taking the time to prepare your outdoor furniture for the winter will help to assure it lasts for years. If you are looking for new wicker furniture to replace your old patio furniture that did not survive last winter, Design Furnishings has many choices to fit any decor or budget.

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