Tips for Decorating Your Patio In The New Year

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The new year is here and with it comes many new trends. If you’ve been thinking of updating your outdoor patio area, this could be the year to do it. 2015 brings with it some exciting new ideas for decorating that can give a face-lift to even the most tired outdoor spaces.


It is always lovely to have green plants and shrubs adorning an outdoor patio area. This year the trend is to go for eco-conscious greenery. Whereas it is true that all plants, by their nature, are ecologically friendly, but some are better choice than others. Consumers should look for plants that are safe for humans and pets are a great for patio areas. It is even better if those plants have some type of healthful benefit to them. Other great choices are plants and shrubs that bear fruit that can be eaten by the people in the household, such as blueberry plants.

Natural landscapes

Another trend in greenery for outdoor patio areas is the use of natural landscapes. Choosing plants and shrubs that are native to the geographic location provide a naturally unkempt look that is visually interesting and can be a great conversation starter.

Portable garden containers

In conjunction with attractive greenery is the current trend of portable garden containers. Portable garden containers allow the homeowner to place their greenery in tight spaces in an effort to brighten up an area. Portable containers also allow for some flexibility within a decorating style because they are easily moved and arranged in order to suit the changing tastes and whims of the homeowner.


Nothing perks up a drab space than a splash of color, and the patio is no exception. This season look for new and different ways to add a bit of color to the outside area. Pick some colorful flowers to complement the outdoor greenery. Use tabletops to display colorful tchotchkes such as painted flowerpots. Another good choice for adding color to an outdoor area is to buy some colorful outdoor furniture that will accent the entire area. Those who wish to make a bold statement can even paint some of the floor tiles in bright colors.

Outdoor entertainment space

Patios have truly become and extension of the home. More and more families have been opting to use their outdoor space as an entertainment area. This trend is not going to die down in the coming year; in fact it will increase in frequency. In order to best utilize a patio as entertainment space, it is a good idea to add some lighting for ambiance. Choosing decorative lanterns that are both beautiful and useful is a good start. If guests are going to be sitting outside for any length of time, comfortable seating is also important. Choose attractive yet sturdy pieces of furniture and accent them with attractive cushions. An outdoor heat source such as a fire pit is essential if entertaining is going to be done in the cooler weather. It’s also a good idea to have a grilling station or some other type of outdoor kitchen in which to prepare food and drinks to round out the perfect outdoor entertainment area.


The simplicity in the outdoor area is more about the look than the accouterments. There are still lots up updated technology to make things easier, but it is housed in streamlined and sleek ways. Lines are rounded and organic. There is a movement toward a more minimalist Scandinavian design look where everything is fluid, calming, and integrated.


Another decorating trend in the new year is a move toward authenticity in design. This design style is accomplished by using natural materials such as wood to create a more homey and welcoming atmosphere. The homey ambiance can be accentuated by adding accents of glass, metal, and leather. Blending materials and textures can presents a stylish but comforting feel that can give off nature-inspired aura. Adding some “upcycled” pieces that are reclaimed or salvaged can add a touch of natural class to the area as well.


The best outdoor patio areas of 2015 will feature both masculine and feminine influences. Outdoor spaces are celebrating masculine features such as updated audio-video equipment and large screen televisions but also have feminine touches such as prints, pastel colors, and accents with soft lines. The balance brings together the best of both worlds to form one complete look that is appealing and welcoming. There is also a push toward balancing the indoor space with the outdoor space. This balance can be accomplished with some remodeling that includes tearing down sections of walls and replacing them with large picture windows or sliding doors so the outdoors can be easily viewed and accessed when people are inside.

The year 2015 will surely present itself with many opportunities to entertain and celebrate in an outdoor patio area. We at  Design Furnishings can help you choose the right patio design to fit your needs. Now is the time to update your patio area into something special.