Six Tips for Inspecting Your Wicker Furniture Order after Delivery

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Online shopping has become a major part of American retail. There are online stores for just about every type of product someone can imagine. In many circumstances, making purchases online can be convenient and can offer benefits such as time savings and lower costs. However, online shopping can also require more eagle-eye watchfulness by the consumer.

Most people have a relatively high comfort level in regards to purchasing products such as music, clothing, and groceries online. Other less common items can be purchased from online retailers as well. When purchasing wicker furniture online, it is important to take some proactive actions to assure the best product is ordered and ultimately received.

In order to choose the best wicker furniture for your home, follow a few basic rules of thumb. First, do your research. The quality of wicker furniture can vary greatly, depending on the price of it. Aim for purchasing the best-made furniture that is within your own budget. Be sure the furniture you choose is constructed with a wood frame for maximum strength and durability. Also, make sure it is finished with either vinyl or resin to protect it from the outdoor elements. Finally, try to stick with practical or neutral colors that will fit any décor.

Once your new wicker furniture is delivered to your home you want to give it a close inspection to make sure it is exactly what you ordered. There are some specific inspections anyone who purchases wicker furniture should make as soon as the furniture is delivered.

The sales slip

First and foremost, be sure to review the sales slip as soon as your new wicker furniture is delivered. Make sure the furniture that was delivered is exactly what was ordered. Take a second to also review the return policy of the store just in case the furniture needs to go back.

Maintenance needs

This is also the time to look at the maintenance needs of your new wicker furniture. Oftentimes wicker or rattan furniture requires special maintenance such as oiling, lacquering, or other special treatments. Take a look at all the literature that comes with your new wicker furniture so you know exactly how to care for it to assure its long life.


Many times, the origination place of the furniture is far away from its final destination. In the time it takes the furniture to get from point “A” to point “B”, many things can happen. Be sure to give the furniture a close inspection to make sure nothing was damaged on the way to you. Be aware, sometimes damage is minor and can be overlooked by some homeowners, but sometimes damage can be significant and will require that the furniture be shipped back to the retailer.


The first thing you want to check is that your order is correct. Make sure the frame you ordered is correct and the fabric you ordered is the right color and design. There are few things more frustrating than receiving an order only to find out the wrong product was shipped.

Comfort level

Take your new wicker furniture for a “test drive”.  Comfort means different things to different people. When dealing with furniture, a person’s comfort level it is usually tied into the firmness of the cushions.  Be sure to sit on it and make sure it is comfortable enough for you.


The size of furniture is essential when a homeowner is trying to fill a specific amount of room or yard space. The true size of wicker furniture is difficult to discern online. Wicker furniture that appears large on a website can be small in reality. It can be quite a reality check when you are expecting your new furniture to fit nicely into your yard scape only to learn that it is either dwarfed or overtaken by the area.

Taking a little extra time to fully examine your new wicker furniture upon delivery is a wise idea. It will let you know immediately if there are any issues that will require the furniture to be returned before it is too late to do so. It will also provide you with the opportunity to assure you that your new purchase will fit well into your home.