Six Fall Porch Decorating Ideas


Fall is a great time of year for decorating the front porch. Adding a few seasonal touches to the front porch can add some personality and pizzazz to your front entryway. The best part about decorating for fall is that it doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort. Here are six easy fall porch decorating ideas that are as simple as pumpkin pie. Plus, they won’t break the bank.

Street address numbers

Get into the season by dressing up your street address numerals. The rest of the year they can simply hang on the house, but in the autumn, have them make a statement. Pick up some artificial pumpkins and a basket at your local craft store. Affix some brightly-colored house numbers to each pumpkin. Be sure everything is tightly held together by a dowel. Place everything in a festive basket that is adorned with some Spanish moss. You can reuse this lovely decoration year after year.

Repurpose common items

With a little ingenuity and imagination, it is easy to turn common household and landscaping items into seasonal decorations for your porch. Turn an ordinary galvanized watering can into the base for a colorful array of autumn leaves. Finish off the look by strategically placing some colorful seasonal gourds around the can. Place the entire ensemble to one side of the front door.

Another option is to transform an ordinary garden rake into an autumnal wreath. Affix some corncobs and artificial, seasonal flowers to the rake tines to create a welcoming wreath on your front porch. Add a seasonal sign to complete the look.

Colorful corner

Pick a corner of your porch and brighten it up with some lively colors. Fall offers some beautiful hues, and they deserve to be highlighted. Autumn flowers are vibrant and perfect for showcasing on your front porch. Take up your unused porch space with a large basket of autumnal flowers, such as chrysanthemums. Remember the rule of three, and choose flowers in three different colors if you have the room. Another option is to create a triad with the flowers and other autumnal decor pieces such as a small basket of pumpkins. Welcome people to sit and enjoy the view by placing a big comfy wicker chair on the porch.

Decorate with a blanket

Nothing says comfort like a big blanket. So, making it part of your front porch decor brings a comforting and welcoming vibe to your home. An added bonus is that this is possibly the easiest decorating idea ever. Just take a large object like a rocking chair or even some old crates and take an oversized blanket and drape it over the item. Don’t try too hard to make it look pretty, the beauty of this front porch decoration is in its ease. Let it look careless; your guests will know just how welcoming and comfortable your home is.

Change up your outdoor furniture

Wicker furniture is perfect for front porches. During the summer months, it is great to have cushions that are bright and cheery, but in the autumn, switch the cushions to hues that are more representative of the season. Deep, rich reds, oranges, yellows, and browns help to bring the crisp feeling of the air to your home. Balance out the deep hues with some neutral-colored throw pillows. If your chairs are not part of a set, make them appear to go together through the color scheme.

Carved pumpkins

Move over jack-o-lanterns, there is a new way to carve pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns are great for Halloween, but when you’re looking for a way to decorate your porch for the entire season, you want something a little more low-key. You can carve pumpkins with geometric shapes rather than scary faces that might frighten anyone who comes to your door. The process for this easy decoration is the same as for traditional jack-o-lanterns.

Start by hollowing out the pumpkin. Then, stencil out your design. Instead of creating a face, draw shapes in different sizes. You can make all the shapes the same or put multiple shapes on one pumpkin. You can also create specific patterns and stick to them, or simply make random designs. You can create whatever your personal styles dictates and are only limited by your imagination. Once you are done stenciling, carve out your designs. Finish out the look by inserting flameless candles inside the carved pumpkins and placing your new decorations on the front porch.

Take advantage of the season and create an autumnal wonderland that will make your patio lively and inviting. Design Furnishings can help you achieve the look you desire. We have a wide variety of outdoor furniture and accessories that help make any house a home.

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