Six Easy Ways To Turn A Boring Patio Into A Fun Zone

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A patio is the perfect place to relax and entertain. It is a spot to gather with friends and family, cozy up with a good book, or just kick back and unwind. As an extension of the home, it’s one living space that can get a lot of use when the weather is right.

Here are six easy ways to turn a boring patio into a fun zone:

1. Add Comfortable Furnishings

Decide what furnishings are essential for creating a comfortable space on the patio. Consider seats, tables, and functional accent pieces. There are many quality options available from Design Furnishings that provide a stylish look and luxury seating.

Dining alfresco is always nice when the weather is agreeable. Whether having a quiet evening with the family, or hosting guests for a gathering, a dining table and comfortable seating are an absolute must. Opt for a furniture set that will include the necessary pieces to complete a functional patio layout.

2. Use Vibrant Colors

The patio is one place in the home where the color and design options are limitless. Opt for vibrant, bright hues that will make the space come to life. Select fabrics for furnishings that are fun and fanciful.

Imagine being transported to a tropical paradise with bold color choices. A plain patio surface can be instantly transformed with the right tones for accent pieces, furnishings, plants, and more. When picking colors, be playful and bold.

3. Incorporate Plants

Plants are essential for outdoor spaces, especially if an area is lacking in landscaping, grass, and natural greenery. Potted plants, like bright flowers and succulents, will breathe life into an otherwise lifeless patio. For shade and privacy, consider adding a trellis along an open side that will allow plants to grow up and along.

4. Choose Cheerful Patterns

Not only are colors important for transforming a space, but so are the patterns used on furniture cushions, pillows, tablecloths, and curtains. Choose cheerful patterns like florals, ikat, chevrons, stripes, and other modern prints. If the furniture color is bold enough on its on, use more muted and basic patterns that will provide a nice accent to the overall look.

5. Install a Fire Pit

Once the sun goes down and the temperature takes a dip, a fire pit becomes the perfect gathering spot. Not only does it add ambiance to an outdoor space, but it also provides lighting and a source of warmth on those chilly evenings. There are different sizes and types of fire pits to consider, so it should not be difficult to find the right one for a patio of any size.

6. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Adding accessories is a great way to dress up any space with playful touches. A vase of flowers on a tabletop, hanging Chinese lanterns, and even decorative outdoor wall art can all be used to create visual interest. Keep decorative elements to a minimum if space is limited, in order to prevent it from feeling cramped and cluttered. Opt for a few select items that will subtly enhance the look.

Choose light fixtures like lanterns, solar lights, or strands of lights that will provide both ambient and practical lighting sources. By adding light, the patio will be functional in both the day and nighttime hours. Take the party outdoors in the evening by having a well-lit entertaining area.

It does not have to be difficult or expensive to transform a patio into a fun place to hang out. Make it the ideal spot for dining, entertaining, and relaxing by choosing the right furniture and bringing personality to the overall design. Little details will go a long way in creating the ultimate outdoor living space.