Rain or Shine, Wicker Furniture Fits the Forecast

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Your light-as-a-feather synthetic wicker furniture is fun and functional, giving your family and friends a comfortable seating area whether you are entertaining inside or outside of the house. With summer rapidly approaching, it’s a wonderful time to enjoy all the outdoors have to offer: longer days, warmer weather, and the sounds and smells of neighbors spending time together. Unfortunately, though, outdoor parties may also include uninvited guests like wind, rain, hail, and storms.

Our wicker furniture can weather the storm and come out with no cosmetic or structural damage. However, the light weight synthetic wicker that makes the pieces easy to move isn’t always substantial enough to keep the furniture right where it has been placed — unless you’ve put on our weather clips.

These three-sided clips come in pairs and are made to lock two separate pieces of synthetic wicker furniture securely together. The high-quality fasteners are reliable and durable, designed to stand up to whatever mother nature throws their way.

Each pack of clips can ensure that a complete six-piece furniture set is anchored together to prevent them from being moved or blown around during a storm.


How Clips Work

To lock two pieces of furniture together with these clips, push the desired units next to each other and slide the clips onto the longer sides of each bottom section. We recommend using two clips for each pair of pieces you want to stay together, as that will help to protect both your furniture and the clips in adverse conditions. The following are the top reasons why you should use weather clips:

  • Strong:  Some locations frequently see storms with high winds. By using clips on your synthetic wicker furniture, you’re able to combine the total weight of each piece, preventing it from being picked up and blown around during a storm.
  • Protective: Pieces that are not anchored down are more likely to be picked up and tossed around during severe storms. While our synthetic wicker designs are tough, years of repeated beating and pounding can take a toll on your beautiful patio set. Protect your investment by increasing its weight with all-weather clips.
  • Durable: Made out of extremely thick, flexible plastic, these clips are sturdy enough to handle multiple storms without any deterioration or loss of functionality. They’ll provide years of protection for your synthetic wicker patio set.
  • Versatile: Whether you have a sectional, seating or dining set, these clips will work for you. While the sizes are tailored for specific sets, the clips can be used on any piece. If you have pieces from the TK Classics Royal collection, for example, any of the clips from your large order will work. There’s no downtime shuffling to find the right clip — just pick one up and snap the units together.
  • All-Weather: The clips are designed to withstand any adverse weather condition. Rain, snow, hail — your clips won’t deteriorate or weaken by exposure to any outdoor elements.


One Surprising Use

Do you have two pieces of wicker furniture that you want to stay close together? Sometimes, sectional furniture may have a tendency to slide around. Placing a clip on two pieces can help keep the two pieces together no matter who sits down.


A Well-Rounded Care Program

After investing in quality synthetic wicker furniture, you’ll want to to make sure that it’s well cared for and protected. Securing pieces with all-weather furniture clips is the first step. Adding in a few others will extend your furniture’s functional lifespan and protect your investment. To further care for your wicker furniture:

  • Clean your patio furniture and clips with a soapy water concentration. This keeps any damaging or deteriorating elements off of the pieces.
  • Apply marine varnish every two years to the pieces. Unclip your furniture and coat the entire surface area of your synthetic wicker furniture, including the top, bottom, underside, seats and arms. Once the pieces have dried, re-apply your clips.
  • Oil your pieces frequently. Using an oil designed for synthetic wicker can help prevent excessive moisture absorption. Again, unclip the pieces before oiling them.
  • Cover your furniture. If a storm is being forecast, it’s a wise idea to use pre-made or custom-fit covers to protect both your furniture and clips from the elements. A well-made cover will reach to the floor, fully protecting the legs and seats of the furniture — including the clips holding the pieces together.
  • Bring your furniture inside when the temperatures drop. While our synthetic wicker furniture and clips are sturdy and durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions, it’s a wise idea to bring the pieces inside when winter comes.

If you would like more information, visit our website and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members at Design Furnishings today!