Purchasing The Right Wicker Tables For Your Outdoor Restaurant

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Dining alfresco has lots of advantages for diners at a restaurant as well as the owners of the facility. However, if a restaurant owner is going to decide to have a beer garden or some other type of outdoor dining area, great consideration needs to be taken into the types of dining tables that are going to be used.

Outdoor dining tables, especially those that will sit a large number of people throughout the year need to be sturdy and durable. They also need to withstand scorching heat as well as bitter cold.

Wicker is a great choice for outdoor eating areas at restaurants because it has all of these qualities. Besides that, it is attractive, comfortable, easy to find and one of the hottest current trends. Restaurateurs who are interested in including new wicker furniture for their outdoor dining areas or updating their current wicker furniture should check out some ideas at designfurnishings.com.

Resistant to UV rays

Wicker is a great choice for restaurants to use for their outdoor eating areas because it is resistant to UV rays. This feature is especially good for restaurants that are located in areas where the weather is extremely warm throughout most of the year such as Arizona or Florida. Even though wicker furniture is resistant to the sun’s harmful rays, restaurant owners should take care and avoid leaving furniture in extreme temperatures or prolonged rain without either bringing them inside or covering them with a protective tarp.

Easy to care for

Wicker furniture is generally easy to care for. This feature makes it ideal for a restaurant that doesn’t have a lot of time to scrub furniture, especially after particularly clumsy customers.


The durability of wicker is another reason it’s a great choice for restaurants. Even restaurants that aren’t considered high-volume see a lot of people every day. Tables that get that much use need to be sturdy and durable. Wicker will hold up to a lot of abuse.

Add personality

Wicker furniture adds a subtle bit of personality to an outdoor eating area. Whether the outdoor eating area is super casual or haute cuisine, there is a style of wicker furniture that can suit the needs and décor of any restaurant.


Rattan is a type of wicker that lends itself well to restaurant dining. It is lightweight and very portable, so rearranging it is easy. Rattan can give an outdoor eating area a feeling of casual class and elegance. So, customers who are eating in an outdoor area, feel like they are being treated specially while still having at at-home feeling.

Indoor dining

Wicker furniture isn’t reserved for outdoor dining at restaurants. It is becoming increasingly popular for restaurants to use wicker tables inside as well. All of the qualities that make wicker an ideal material for outdoor dining hold true for the indoors as well.

The easy to clean and durability make it a great choice for family restaurants and the subtle classiness of it makes it a great choice for higher-end dining. The combined comfort and elegance of wicker tables make them an ideal choice for any restaurant.