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How to Build Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

An outdoor fire pit can be a great addition to your backyard, patio or landscape. A fire pit can be a place to relax, roast some hotdogs or marshmallows and spend time with family members and friends. Once you have chosen a place to put your outdoor fire pit and installed it, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor fire pit designs to match the rest of your yard or patio around it. Read below for some wonderful outdoor fire pit ideas. Outdoor Furniture If you want to create a place that is Read more [...]
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5 Outdoor Games To Play With Children

It can be difficult to get your children to play outside. Many children would rather watch television or play video games than take a hike or ride a bicycle. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, and it is a result of inactive children. If you want to protect your children from obesity, diabetes and heart disease, it is wise to motivate them to play outdoors so they can get some exercise while also having fun. When it comes to getting outside and being active, kids respond best to things they Read more [...]
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5 Gardens that Complement your Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. There is truly something to suit everyone’s tastes and styles. Each of the following gardens has unique features that make it special. Shade Garden A shade garden is the perfect solution for a large overgrown yard. If a yard so overwrought with lots of vines, weeds, and unruly shrubbery that it can barely be walked through, it's not necessary to avoid the area and ignore the issue.  A better idea is to clear the area and create a shade garden. Clearing Read more [...]
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6 Outrageous Outdoor Furniture and Design Ideas

Outdoor spaces are meant for fun and enjoyment. There are few better ways to enjoy a warm summer’s day than by making use of cool and interesting outdoor furniture designs that are specifically made for backyards. Whether your idea of fun includes backyard exploration or simply lounging in the sun, you’ll be able to find something to suit your fancy. Check out some of these great outdoor area design ideas. Backyard Camping This idea is perfect for anyone who loves camping but doesn't have Read more [...]
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9 Tips for Furnishing your New House

Decorating a new home is a fun and exciting prospect. However, it does take a bit of thought beforehand, and a few home decoration tips always help. Taking some time to consider what you want and what the final product will look like can be the difference between disappointment and elation over the final product. Following are some basic tips for furnishing a new home to keep in mind as you begin thinking about decorating your new home. Choose a color palate The colors you choose for your home Read more [...]
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The Benefits of Resin Wicker Furniture

When choosing furniture for an outdoor living area, a homeowner needs to take several factors into consideration. Furniture that is meant to stay outside needs to be resistant to all types of weather conditions. Lots of outdoor furniture is made with natural wicker. However, that is not always the best choice, as it does not always stand up to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Often, the better choice is synthetic resin wicker furniture. This type of material holds many advantages over natural Read more [...]
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Celebrate Spring with these Tips to Build your Outdoor Bar

Spring has arrived and even though you might be fighting off the sniffles, that’s not enough to stop you from Spring partying! What better way to celebrate the change in season than to deck out your outdoor bar? Here are a few tips and items that you can purchase from Design Furnishings to make your Spring bash a major success. PICKING A TABLE The table is your meeting spot and is crucial to building your ideal outdoor bar area. Here are some suggestions from our website to help you get started. Classic: Read more [...]
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How to Accent Your Living Space with the Perfect Chaise Lounge

It’s the season of starting fresh and new while nature begins its process of blooming. The spring season is the best time to renew your home and garden in order to do away with the old energy and bring in the new and vibrant energy to your life. There are so many ways to spruce up your living space and give it a much-needed change. Whether it’s just a matter of changing the furniture around, letting in more light, or altering your color scheme from the dark winter colors to the lighter spring Read more [...]
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5 Advantages to a Gas Fire Pit

One of the major benefits of having an outdoor living space is having the ability to spend time relaxing outdoors. Patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, and other furnishings add to the ambiance of your patio or backyard and allow you to enjoy good weather, fine food, and the company of friends. One other aspect of outdoor living is your fire pit; among its many benefits, it provides a gathering place, serves as a decoration, and allows you to cook outdoors in a rustic campfire-style setting. Gas Read more [...]
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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Creating an interesting and innovative outdoor living space that is an extension of the home is the perfect way to enjoy the warm air and soft breezes of the spring and summer months. There are definitely some key factors in designing the ideal outdoor living space, though. Following the tips below can put you on the track to having the backyard destination spot of your dreams. Create a plan Just like indoor living spaces, an outdoor living space needs to be planned out so it provides a maximum Read more [...]