Selecting Outdoor Furniture

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting your Outdoor Furniture

Furnishing your outdoor living area is just as important as furnishing the interior of the house. Picking the right furniture for the patio deserves the same amount of care and attention as picking furniture for the living room. When you are looking for new furniture for your outdoor area, be sure to consider the following factors. 1. Function and purpose Outdoor furniture should be both attractive and useful. There is no benefit to purchasing outdoor furniture that is pretty to look at but Read more [...]
Stay Safe In the Sun

Why Wear Sunscreen? 5 Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

For years, doctors and other experts have been telling us to use sunscreen, and for good reason. We all know that applying sunscreen helps to protect us from skin cancer. However, it has many other benefits, some of which are not as well known. Keep reading to learn why we should wear sunscreen, and more tips for staying safe in the sun. 1. Sunscreen shields the skin from harmful UV rays The ozone layer is continually depleting, putting everyone at risk for increased exposure to the harmful rays Read more [...]
Comfort is Key

Great Backyard Ideas to Create an Aura of Comfort

The backyard is truly an extension of the home. Therefore, it is important to make it comfortable for you and your family as well as for your guests. Having a comfortable backyard area helps create a welcome feeling for everyone. Creating a comfortable backyard is not difficult at all. Following these tips can help you create a backyard that everyone in the neighborhood will want to visit. Comfortable seating Common sense dictates that people are more comfortable when they are sitting. So, Read more [...] 2015-07-31 17-18-18

6 Tips For Stocking Your Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar makes a great addition to any home and is a place where you can relax with your family and entertain guests. Once your bar has been built or purchased, you may be eager to use it and invite your guests over for drinks on the patio. Before you host your first outdoor party, make sure you know how to stock an outdoor bar properly. Here are some home bar tips to help.  1. Storage You aren’t going to want to haul all of your supplies in and out of your home every time you host Read more [...] 2015-07-01 11-30-20

8 Benefits of Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture vs Aluminum

Two of the most common materials for outdoor furniture are aluminum and resin wicker. The materials have some similar qualities, but also some important differences. Although both types of outdoor furniture are durable, resin wicker has some benefits that make it a better choice. Keep reading to learn about the many ways resin wicker is the best material for outdoor furniture. 1. Materials Resin wicker is made from PVC or other synthetic material. It looks similar to natural wicker but is much Read more [...]
Spruce Up YourOutdoor Space

5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Area

Summer is here, and it's time for people to start spending time outside. After months of being cooped up indoors, many people will be looking at their outdoor living area for the first time in ages. What they see may likely be a tired-looking space that needs some updating and sprucing up. Thankfully, giving an outdoor living area a summertime facelift does not need to be a daunting task. Keep reading to see some easy ways to spruce up your outdoor living space. 1. Lighting Never underestimate Read more [...]
Finance Your Furniture (2)

6 Reasons Why You Should be Financing Your Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Purchasing outdoor furniture can be a major financial commitment. Sometimes the cost of it makes potential buyers balk at the purchase. However, choosing to finance the purchase has many advantages that can make the purchase doable for consumers. Keep reading to learn about the many advantages financing an outdoor furniture purchase has for the average consumer.   1. Financing opens up for purchasing options Financing outdoor furniture is a great way to open up purchasing options. Outfitting Read more [...]
The History ofWicker Furniture

The History of Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Wicker is not a modern marvel; the wicker furniture history is a long and storied legacy that dates back a millennium. Read below to learn about the origins of this age-old material and how it has advanced to the American rattan furniture we know today. Ancient Egyptian origins According to, the first known use of wicker was in ancient Egypt circa 3000 B.C. Archaeologists who have studied and explored the area extensively have found furniture made from reeds and swamp grasses. Read more [...]
Untitled design (14)

5 Reasons to Add Shade to your Outdoor Collection

Summer seems as if it was made for spending time outside. We all spend the winter months burrowed in our homes, not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of the indoors. However, as soon as the warm weather comes, we’re ready to break out of the confines of the walls and head outside for some fresh air. But, the summer heat and humidity can become stifling quickly. It's at these times when the comfort of a shaded area in the backyard can become a personal oasis of coolness and comfort. Read below Read more [...]
Mastering thePerfectThrow PillowCombo (2)

7 Ways to Master the Throw Pillow Color Combo

The signs are upon us: birds chirping, the weather warming up, no need for a jacket. That’s right; summertime is right around the corner! We all know what that means: more time will be spent outside and the patio will be the number one hangout spot. Just like any other room or space, color coordination is key to keep up the good vibes. How do you do so with outdoor furniture, you ask? Throw pillows, throw pillows, throw pillows! Yes, those comfy cushions do make all the difference in keeping your Read more [...]