4 Outdoor Entertaining Tips for Fall

Just because the weather is starting to get cool doesn’t mean that you have to move your entertaining space inside. There is still plenty of time to use your outdoor space to your advantage. The beauty of the season and the crisp autumn weather can provide a fantastic backdrop for hosting an outdoor gathering. Just use a little ingenuity, imagination, and follow these fall outdoor entertaining tips for a fabulous fall festival. You'll be sure to find some inspirational outdoor entertaining ideas. 1. Read more [...]

Fall Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Fall is here, and the weather is starting to get cool. However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Autumn provides so many bright and natural colors, allowing you to have a beautifully landscaped yard with almost no effort at all. Fall landscaping is a bit different than summer landscaping is. Keep reading to learn about some great fall lawn care tips for a fabulous fall landscape right in your own yard. 1. Taking care of the lawn Having a grassy area attached to your house is Read more [...]

Great Information to Teach Your Kids About Protecting Outdoor Furniture

One of the best ways you can prolong the life of your outdoor wicker furniture is to teach your kids how to protect and care for it. Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor living area. Just like you expect your children to respect and use your indoor furniture properly, you should have the same expectations for your outdoor furniture. Here are some of the most important points to teach your kids about taking care of your outdoor wicker furniture. Treat It With Care Most outdoor wicker Read more [...]
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Everything You’ve Ever Needed to Know About the Lifespan of Your Wicker Furniture

Let’s face it, when you purchase wicker furniture, you are making an investment in something you are expecting will last a long time. You may even take specific factors into consideration when you purchase the furniture, just to assure you make the perfect choice. But, all of your efforts may be for naught if your furniture does not last long enough to make it worth the money. By properly maintaining your wicker furniture, you can help increase the life expectancy of your outdoor wicker furniture Read more [...]

Great Ways to Remove Urine from your Wicker Furniture

The combination of wicker furniture and a family pet can be a disaster waiting to happen. It is easy for even the best-trained dogs and cats to have accidents. Wicker furniture owners may fear that their furniture might be ruined by such an accident. However, this should not be the case. You can save fabulous wicker furniture that has been damaged by a beloved pet. Read below for some simple and easy ways to save your wicker furniture from one of the inevitable hazards of pet ownership. Materials Read more [...]

No More Mold and Mildew Stains on your Wicker!

Wicker furniture spends the majority of its time outside. Therefore, it is constantly being exposed to the damaging elements of the weather. Over time, outdoor wicker furniture that is exposed to rain and snow can be subject to mold and mildew growth. Not only are these organisms unsightly and smelly, but they can also be harmful to your wicker furniture if they are not removed from the surface. Thankfully, mold and mildew can be removed from wicker furniture rather easily. Keep reading to learn Read more [...]

Everything you Need to Know About Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits can enliven any outdoor living area. However, they can be dangerous if you are not careful. Too many people have been injured due to careless actions that can easily be avoided. Anyone who opts to have a fire pit in the backyard should always use it with caution and care. Following are some fire pit safety tips to help you learn how to use a fire pit safely. Positioning the fire pit According to Mother Nature News, the manner in which a fire pit is positioned is a major key to its safety. Read more [...]
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The Wicker Furniture Making Process

Wicker is not a material, but rather is a general term that is given to a group of natural or man-made materials that can be woven such as cane, rattan, willow, reed, rush, grasses, resins, vinyl, and splints among others. Wicker also pertains to the weaving process by which the materials mentioned above are then made into furniture. In summary, wickerwork is an ancient technique that is being utilized to manufacture furniture with the application of natural materials. Most commonly, the chosen natural Read more [...]

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space that’s Cozy on a Chilly Night

Summer is dwindling down, and soon fall will be upon us. That means that although the days are still warm, the nights are starting to get cooler. But, most of us are not quite ready to pack it in for the season yet. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors, even if it is just in the backyard. Enjoying time outside in the late summer and fall can still be enjoyable, even when the temperatures start to fall. It just requires a little bit of effort to create a cozy atmosphere on those Read more [...]
Don't Let Rain

Outdoor Party Planning so Good, No One Complains in the Rain

As the old saying goes, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That is often the case when you are planning an outdoor party. Even when you have planned everything for the even down to the right lawn furniture, Mother Nature can swoop in and ruin everything with an unexpected summer storm. But, a bit of summer rain does not need to be the end of everyone’s good time. With just a little bit of forethought and preparation, you can ride the rainstorm and still throw a fabulous outdoor Read more [...]