Outdoor Porch Lighting Options to Create a Warm and Inviting Space


It is important to create a warm and inviting aura on your front porch. One way to accomplish this feeling is through your lighting choices. Making the right lighting choices for your porch is just as important as it is for your house. If you are looking for some outdoor porch lighting ideas that make your front porch the go-to location in your home, find outdoor lighting inspiration below.

Origami lanterns

Origami lanterns are a fabulous way to add some light and personality to your porch. This Asian-inspired look never goes out of style. Although the light covers are made out of crepe paper-like material, they are deceivingly strong and durable. The light peeks out from behind the colored shade and provides the perfect amount of glow to fill your porch with warmth and comfort. Origami lanterns are easy to find at any lighting store, but they are just as easily assembled as a DIY project for those who like to create their own decor.

Shaded string lights

If you are fortunate enough to have a porch roof that is slated, the perfect way to create a warm and inviting space is to hang some shaded string lights. The bulbs of these lights are covered in shades that allow a subtle amount of light to shine through. Add a few candles to create a romantic feeling.

Sand candles

You can never go wrong with candles. This idea gives a little bit of pizzazz to the live-flame luminance. The star of the show is the colored sand. The colors are vibrant and bright and can make your porch pop with color. This creative lighting technique really lets your personality shine. It is also quite easy to change out the colors to fit the style, decor, or season of the year. Your guests will love checking out your sand candles every time they are on your porch to see how they change throughout the year. So, be sure to have lots of comfortable wicker chairs for your guests.

Glowing hurricane vases

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive project that will bring beautiful light to your porch, this lighting source is made just for you. All you need are a few simple supplies that are not difficult to find and just a little bit of time. Just take some ordinary hurricane vases, place a votive candle in each one, and cover them with tissue paper. You will get a beautiful glowing effect all over your porch. Be sure to choose hurricane vases that are various sizes and shapes to add some visual interest.

Hanging lanterns

Allow yourself to think outside of the box a bit and ignore your initial thinking that lanterns should be reserved for camping trips. Lanterns also make perfect porch luminaries. Not only do they provide lots of light, but they also give a rustic feel that is ideal for a porch. Plus, lanterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find something to suit your personal tastes and fit your spatial needs. Simply choose your hanging lanterns and affix them to the ceiling of your porch.

Outdoor chandelier

There is no reason the elegance and charm of your home can’t start on the front porch. Chandeliers do not need to be confined to dining rooms and formal parlors. You can have a large, beautiful chandelier on your front porch, too. Be sure to include light shades that prevent glare so you and your guests can enjoy soft light while you are dining underneath your beautiful conversation piece.

Install a light and ceiling fan combo

Every porch needs a ceiling fan, and an overhead light and ceiling fan combination is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. The ceiling fan provides a light breeze while the attached lamp will provide the right amount of light for entertaining. Everyone will want to stay out on the porch, so be sure to have plenty of seating to accommodate your guests. If you have room, you can even set up a portable bar and have an entire party on your front porch.

Indoor lighting

Keep in mind that your porch is an extension of your indoor living space. So, when you are considering lighting for your outdoor living space, think about your indoor lighting choices. Use the same types of table lamps and overhead lighting that you would use inside your home.

Your front porch deserves as much attention as the interior of your home does. Making the right lighting choices will make your front porch everyone’s favorite room in the house. Once you’ve got your lighting down, Design Furnishings can help you finish off the look by adding gorgeous wicker furniture and accessories.

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