Here’s How to Throw the Best Outdoor Bash Ever!

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Once the weather breaks and it is time to come out of the igloo you’ve spent the winter in, it’s nice to host an outdoor party. Hosting a party outside can have its own set of challenges if there isn’t proper preparation for it. Anyone who is looking forward to hosting an outdoor party once the winter is over should keep the following guidelines in mind during the planning process.

The details

The idea of an outdoor party can easily mean something different to everyone. So, make sure the invitations spell out the necessary details. Let the invited guests know when (and even possibly what) they’ll be eating. That information will allow everyone to know how to gauge their appetites and will let the host be able to plan just one round of cooking. Guests will also need to know how to dress for the occasion. That way, no one is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Rain plans

As the old saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Planning an outdoor part can be dicey thanks to good ol’ Mother Nature. Be sure to let guests know of a back up plan. If the party is happening rain or shine, let your guests know. Also, if the party can’t happen in the rain, be sure to let them know if there’s a rainout date.


Seating can often be an issue with an outdoor party. If you don’t have enough patio chairs, be sure to use some of the chairs from inside; dining room chairs work best. If the atmosphere of the party is on the casual side, lay down some blankets for guests to sit down on in the yard. Another option is renting extra chairs from a rental company.


Outdoor parties can handle anything from simple finger-foods to elegant sit-down meals. Do with what you like and fits the theme of the party. If it’s a large bash, keep it simple with chips, dips, burgers and hot dogs. If it’s a smaller, more intimate party, consider grilling some higher-end cuts of meat such as lamb chops or filet mignon and having some more elegant sides such as light fennel salad.


The right beverages can make or break a party. If the party is on a hot day, be sure to have plenty of cold beverages to quench the thirst of your guests. Similarly, if the weather is getting chilly, be sure to have some hot beverages to warm everyone up. For guests who don’t like to imbibe, have some lemonade or iced tea. For those who do like to have a drink or two, try making some specialty cocktails, but also be sure to have some beer to appeal to those who don’t like to stray to far from their comfort zone. Always have plenty of water for your guests to sip, too.

Conversation areas

Create conversation areas by setting up stations that contain some tables with finger-food trays and some seating. Your guests will naturally gravitate to theses areas for light conversation.


Make sure there is adequate lighting for an outdoor party; particularly if the event is going to extend into the later hours of the evening. Some creative ideas for ambient lighting include stringing outdoor globe lights, hanging decorative lanterns, or using candles.

Bug control

Nothing can ruin a good party like a swarm of hungry bugs who want to feast on your guests. So, be sure to keep mosquitoes and other bothersome insects at bay. Get rid of any standing water that is in the yard, as that’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Don’t forget about not-so-obvious sources of standing water such as kiddie pools, gutters, and flowerpots.  Run some fans outside to promote air circulation, this will prevent bugs from getting too close. If all else fails, be sure to have some bug repellent wipes for your guests to use.

Music selection

Keep the music at a reasonable level. First, it’s always a good idea to keep the neighbors happy. Secondly, you want to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to conversations between your guests, so you don’t wan the music overpowering the area. Music choice is also important. Stick with upbeat music that people will recognize.

Don’t forget the kids

If there are going to be kids attending the party, don’t forget about them. Be sure to have plenty to keep them occupied. Provide fun activities such as games, a swimming pool, or bubbles.

Fire pit

Regardless of the temperature, people like to congregate near a fire. Be sure to have some marshmallows on hand for roasting and some chocolate and graham crackers, just in case any of your guests are in the mood for s’mores.

The next time you are thinking about throwing a party, consider having it outside. When it is planned for well, you can’t beat the ambience and atmosphere it provides. Plus, you won’t have to clean the house up afterwards!