Guidelines for Protecting Your Wicker Furniture During the Winter


Wicker patio furniture is not something you want to replace every season. However, if it is exposed to harsh winter weather for several months out of the year, there is a good chance the furniture will not be usable again when the spring comes. If you follow a few simple guidelines, your furniture will survive the winter and be ready for use again when your spring buds begin to bloom. Learn about the importance of winterizing furniture and tips for protecting wicker furniture in the winter.

Clean the furniture

It may seem counter-intuitive to clean furniture that you will not be using for several months. But, making sure your wicker patio furniture is clean before you store it for the winter helps to prolong its life. The process for cleaning wicker furniture is easy. The short time it takes and the small amount of effort it requires pays off in dividends when it is time to use the furniture again when the spring comes. When you are cleaning the frames of your furniture, do not forget about the cushions. Make sure you dust off the surface dirt and remove any ground in dirt by spot-cleaning with a wet sponge and mild detergent. Keep mold and mildew away by spraying on a solution of 1 cup bleach, 2 cups detergent, and 1 gallon of water. Let it soak in for 30 minutes. Allow the cushions to dry completely before putting them away for the season.

Cover the furniture

One of the best ways to protect your wicker furniture from the harsh winter weather is to lessen the exposure it receives by covering it. Using a tarp or other weather-proof material will keep the snow and high winds from damaging the furniture and help it keep its original quality longer. There are several types of covers from which to choose. Many come in specific shapes and sizes to fit different types of furniture. Many of them are secured by straps so they can be cinched closed to keep rain or snow from seeping in. It is advisable to measure the furniture and check with the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the size of cover you need for each piece.

Oil the furniture

Giving your wicker winter furniture a light coating of oil will help to weatherproof it. Even if you are planning on covering your furniture with a tarp, covering it with oil will still add an extra layer of protection. When oil is applied to the wicker, it will prevent rain and snow from penetrating it so it will not become water-damaged. There are a few different types of oil you can use on your wicker furniture. Some popular choices include tung oil, lemon oil, and paste wax.

Bring the furniture inside 

If it is possible, bring your furniture inside for the winter. Keeping wicker furniture in an enclosed space for the season will assure that it is truly protected from all of the harsh weather Mother Nature has to offer. Even wicker furniture that has been cared for meticulously and has a protective coating of oil on it can still be damaged if it is left out in the harshest winter temperatures for several months.

Keeping your wicker furniture inside is a sure-fire way to make sure the elements do not damage your outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture can easily be kept in the garage or a storage shed for the off-season. If you do not have either of these structures, consider moving your outdoor furniture inside. It can safely be kept in an extra room if you are not going to use it, or you can bring it into your living space and make it part of your decor.

Paint or varnish the wicker furniture

Before you put your wicker furniture away for the season, take the opportunity to give it a facelift by applying a coat of paint or varnish to the surface. Use a product that is specifically formulated for wicker to assure it will adhere to the surface properly. Adding a coat of varnish will further provide another coat of waterproofing. Painting your outdoor furniture at this time of year will protect the reeds from rotting from the inside out.

Keep your wicker furniture looking like you just bought it by keeping it out of the harsh elements of winter. Protecting your wicker furniture during the winter will help to prolong its life and allow you to enjoy it for many years. If your old wicker furniture did not survive last winter, or if you need new covers for your wicker furniture, Design Furnishings can help you.

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