Five Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Fall


Are you saddened by the knowledge that summer has ended because it means that you are going to be confined to spending all of your time indoors? Well, fear not. You can keep spending time in the great outdoors all through the fall by creating a fabulous autumnal outdoor living space. Southern Living has provided the following fall outdoor living space ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Fall Garden Terrace

Make your terrace usable all year long by adding some seasonal decor. In the fall, keep the design traditional by opting for hay bales, dried corn stalks, and small pumpkins. If you want to add some dimension and originality to the look, choose pumpkins that are not orange. Most areas have white and gray pumpkins available at local farmers’ markets and pumpkin patches. If you cannot find these pumpkins, it is easy to spray paint the orange ones to achieve your desired effect. In fact, if you go the spray paint route, you do not have to limit yourself to white or gray. You can paint the pumpkins any color you want. So, you can choose a color that coordinates with your design, or even choose an opposing color that makes the pumpkins stand out and become a focal point of the design.

Screened Fall Porch

Screened-in porches are a great idea because they allow you to use the room for most, if not all, of the year. In the fall, a screened porch is particularly beneficial because it allows you to enjoy the warm days of an Indian summer as the sun streams in and provides both light and warmth. Once the sun goes down, the same porch provides protection from the cool air temperature the evenings often bring. Having a wood-burning fireplace in the front porch is an ideal way to add comfort, warmth, and ambiance to the area. If you do not have that option, a gas or electric fireplace works just as well. Keep the decor simple. Lay down an indoor/outdoor rug that is attractive yet can withstand the elements of the weather. Finish off the look with some wicker chairs with cushions in rich autumnal colors.

Outdoor Dining Room

Just because the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, you do not need to stop your al fresco dining. If you enjoy your outdoor living space, chances are you spend a lot of time dining outside throughout the summer. You do not need to cease that activity just because the weather is getting cooler. You just need to change-up your routine a bit. If you have an outdoor fireplace, be sure to use it on the cooler fall evenings. If you do not have a built-in fireplace, a stand-alone fire pit is a great substitute. A fire will offer the right amount of warmth that is needed for an autumn evening. Whether you are setting a romantic table for two or expecting a large crowd, take a cue from Mother Nature and set the table in the warm color tones the season is known for. A rich rust-colored tablecloth is a perfect accent for some white tableware.

Outdoor Living Room

One of the best ways to extend your indoor living space is to make good use of the space you have outside. Creating an outdoor living room will instantly give you the feel of having additional square footage in your house, and without the expense of actually adding on to the house. When you start looking at your outdoor patio as an extra room, infinite possibilities begin to open up. You can either continue with any theme or color scheme you have going through your home. Another option is to take the opportunity to try something new and completely different. Either way you choose to go, you need just a few essentials to get you started. Create a conversation space by placing some heavy-duty, all-weather chairs around a table. Then add some personality and character with your own personal touches.

Poolside Pavilion

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your yard, you do not need to limit its use to the summer. Even if it is too cool to take a dip in the water in the fall, you can use the pool as a backdrop for your autumn outdoor design. Adorn your autumn pool area with the creature comforts of your home. Install a fireplace or have a fire pit available for those cool fall nights. Keep your furniture choices rustic, in keeping with the season; neutral colors work well. If you are craving a splash of color, opt for some throw pillows and accent pieces that highlight the rich and warm colors of the season.

Creating a beautiful and functional fall outdoor living space is a fantastic way to get the most out of your back porch or patio after the summer has ended. Design Furnishings can help you decorate and furnish your outdoor living area. Our qualified staff can help you pick the perfect furniture and accessories to make your house beautiful!

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