Fall Landscaping Tips for Homeowners


Fall is here, and the weather is starting to get cool. However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Autumn provides so many bright and natural colors, allowing you to have a beautifully landscaped yard with almost no effort at all. Fall landscaping is a bit different than summer landscaping is. Keep reading to learn about some great fall lawn care tips for a fabulous fall landscape right in your own yard.

1. Taking care of the lawn

Having a grassy area attached to your house is a year-round responsibility. Now that the fall is here, it is important to regularly rake the lawn.  If leaves are left to sit on the lawn, the grass can quickly suffocate and die. This Old House suggests that you can make great use of the leaves you collect. Keep them in a specified area, such as confined in a pen made of chicken wire. Aerate the pile every week with a garden fork and then use it as lawn food in the spring. At the outset of fall, aerate the lawn and provide it with some nourishment before the weather begins to get cold. Taking this step now will help to assure a beautifully green lawn in the spring.

2. Taking care of trees and shrubs

Planting new trees and shrubs in the fall helps to give them extra time to take root and begin to thrive. Fall is also the perfect time of year to cultivate the trees and shrubs that are already existent in your yard. Remove the old, dead branches that are no longer viable. Carefully assess what you have left. Judiciously prune back anything that is overgrown. The branches you are left with will have the rest of the season to grow and flourish.

3. Choose a garden style

Choose a garden style that works for you. Every homeowner is somewhat limited to what their outdoor space will allow. But, working within confines can be as fun as it is challenging. It can be helpful to create a sketch of what you ultimately want to achieve to use as a blueprint as you progress through your design. Hoosierhomemade.com also suggests these tips for creating the perfect garden:

  • Budget between 10-15% more than what you think it will cost.
  • Take care of problems before they get out of control.
  • Plant in odd multiples.
  • Plant in mass amounts, but do not overcrowd.
  • Keep records of what you plant.
  • Have a maintenance plan in place.

4. Hardscaping and outdoor features

Although flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees tend to be the pulse of a landscape, hardscaping and outdoor features can bring a unique touch to any outdoor area. First, take some time to inspect your walkways and paths. If there are any cracks or other signs of structural damage, have them repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. A simple touch like lining illuminated torches along walkways can add a welcoming vibe to your home.

Think about decorating your landscaping for the season by putting up a scarecrow and place pumpkins and other gourds strategically around the yard. A few hay bales can also add a festive feel to the landscape. Fall is also the best time of year to use your fire pit, so you may want to make that a central feature in your design. Make sure it is in good working order and ready to use all season long – just be sure to always have enough marshmallows on hand for roasting. If you have water features in your fall landscape, they can be utilized as well. However, do not forget to turn the water supply off and drain the tubes before the first freeze comes!

5. Clean and store outdoor furniture

When the weather starts to get colder outside, it is, unfortunately, time to start thinking about putting your outdoor furniture away for the season. You can power wash your heavier furniture and cushions and let them air dry on a temperate autumn afternoon. Store everything in a dry area once the weather gets too cold to prevent any splitting and cracking during the off-season. That way, your favorite outdoor pieces will be ready to use once the spring comes.

If you have wicker furniture, you can freshen the cushions with a vacuum cleaner attachment and then clean the bases with a soft cloth and water mixed with a mild dishwashing detergent. If the wicker furniture has wood or metal trim, make sure it is protected appropriately. If outdoor furniture must remain outside all year, make sure it is properly covered once it can no longer be used.

Enhance your enjoyment of the fall season by taking good care of your landscaping. Enjoy the wonders of the autumn from your own yard while sitting in beautiful wicker furniture from Design Furnishings.

If you would like more information on these fall landscaping tips, visit our website and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members at Design Furnishings today!