Everything you Need to Know About Fire Pit Safety


Fire pits can enliven any outdoor living area. However, they can be dangerous if you are not careful. Too many people have been injured due to careless actions that can easily be avoided. Anyone who opts to have a fire pit in the backyard should always use it with caution and care. Following are some fire pit safety tips to help you learn how to use a fire pit safely.

Positioning the fire pit

According to Mother Nature News, the manner in which a fire pit is positioned is a major key to its safety. Following the specifications below will help to assure your fire pit is positioned properly.

  • It should be placed at least ten feet away from any permanent structure or neighbor’s yard. Although ten feet is the minimum, the ideal distance is twenty-five feet.
  • Do not place the fire pit under a structure such as covered porch. Also, make sure there are no low-hanging tree branches in the vicinity of the fire pit.
  • Place the fire pit on a non-flammable surface, such as a concrete slab or patio blocks.
  • Do not place the fire pit directly on a wooden deck or on the grass.

Preparing the fire pit

Care must always be taken when preparing to use the fire pit. Follow these procedures to make sure the area around the pit is safe.

  • Clear all flammable materials away from the area. There should be at least a five-foot radius around the fire to help prevent any escaped fire from spreading.
  • Pile dirt and rocks around the fire pit to prevent stray fire from spreading.
  • Dig an area that is at least six inches deep at the center and at least two feet across to help contain the flames.

Lighting the fire

  • The fire is the highlight of the fire pit, but it is important to set it properly, so no one is hurt during the process or afterward.
  • Check the wind direction before you begin. Remove anything flammable that is situated downwind of the site.
  • If the weather is too windy, forgo lighting the fire
  • Start the fire with a commercial fire starter stick with kindling instead of lighter fluid.

Using the fire pit

A fun time can turn into a tragedy in the blink on an eye if you and your guests are not vigilant at the fire pit. Follow these guidelines around the fire pit to make sure everyone remains safe and can continue to have a good time.

  • There should always be someone at the fire pit while it is lit.
  • Never let children or pets be by the fire pit unattended.
  • Limit the amount of fuel with which you feed the fire.
  • Do not throw garbage or paper into the fire.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting or flammable clothing near the fire
  • Do not burn soft woods.
  • Have water or a Class B or C fire extinguisher immediately available in case of an accident.

Extinguishing the fire pit

  • It is extremely important to extinguish a fire pit properly. Failing to do so can result in an unnecessary tragedy. Following the suggestions below will help to assure the fire is completely out at the end of the evening.
  • Keep a shovel nearby to help put out the fire.
  • Extinguish the flames with water. Stir the ashes to makes sure all the embers have gone out.
  • Dispose of the ashes in a metal can that is reserved for that purpose.
  • Never dispose of the ashes in a compost pile, paper bag, cardboard box, or anything else that is combustible.

Miscellaneous tips

HGTV Gardens suggest these other fire pit safety tips to keep in mind when you are enjoying your fire pit:

  • Only burn wood that has been seasoned for at least six months.
  • Do not burn composite wood or plywood
  • Use a screen over the fire pit.
  • Make sure the logs are less than three-quarters of the diameter of the pit.
  • Have a hose with a spray attachment near the pit. Shower sprays douse flare-ups.
  • Do not attempt to douse with a flare-up with a direct stream of water.
  • Keep fire gloves and a fire blanket nearby.
  • If the fire pit is gas-fueled, make sure the gas is turned off before extinguishing the fire.

Having a fire pit can bring lots of enjoyment to a family. However, having one requires a great amount of responsibility. Taking a few precautions can help to assure that you will be enjoying your fire pit for years without any unfortunate incidents.

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