How to Create an Outdoor Living Space that’s Cozy on a Chilly Night


Summer is dwindling down, and soon fall will be upon us. That means that although the days are still warm, the nights are starting to get cooler. But, most of us are not quite ready to pack it in for the season yet. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors, even if it is just in the backyard. Enjoying time outside in the late summer and fall can still be enjoyable, even when the temperatures start to fall. It just requires a little bit of effort to create a cozy atmosphere on those chilly nights.

Add light

It is amazing how much coziness and comfort can come from adding some light to an outdoor area. A great idea for adding illumination is to hang lights that can be changed out for each season or occasion. If you are not interested in expending that much effort, simple white or clear lights can also provide the perfect touch of light to your outdoor living area. If you are looking to add more character and atmosphere, try stringing some paper lanterns or another type of whimsical lighting.

Add warmth

Cool summer and fall evenings require a little bit of warmth for you to remain comfortable. Installing a fire pit is a great way to add warmth and stimulate conversation. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any backyard decor. They can be used throughout most of the year. You will notice that there will be no need to store it in the backyard shed when the weather is hot. People will naturally congregate around it, even when it is not exuding heat. Also, most fire pits are incredibly weather resistant. There is no need to run outside in a rainstorm to cover it up. It will survive the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Design Furnishings has many fabulous fire pit options that are ideal for any yard.

Play music

Nothing sets a mood like music. Modern technology has made it possible to easily bring everyone’s favorite music outside. Bluetooth speakers can connect to an indoor stereo or a smart device or tablet easily. Once the initial connection is made, you will have hours of music to enjoy without ever having to leave your seat to change a CD. Do not forget to create your playlist in advance of your gathering so everything is set and ready to go when you want it.

Create a gathering spot

If your cozy evening outside is designed for more than two people, make sure you create a gathering spot. You can use the aforementioned fire pit as a focal point, or simply set up a seating area. Be sure to include comfortable seating. Also, make sure you also have small tables and even some ottomans for guests who like to prop their feet up. If you like decorating for the seasons or holidays, have a variety of cushions that coordinate with the changing weather.

Food and drink

Chilly nights often require some comforting food and beverages to keep everyone warm. If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor kitchen and bar, make sure they are stocked with drinks and snacks for the weather. No cozy evening is complete without some creamy hot chocolate. Be sure to have some peppermint schnapps available for the kids who are over 21! Also, whip up a nice batch of hot toddies for your guests to enjoy as well. If you are going to utilize the fire pit, be sure to have some marshmallows to roast, as well as the other ingredients to make some ooey-gooey s’mores. Keep the rest of the snacks simple; popcorn is a great comfort food, as is anything that is warm and cheesy.


Do not forget to supply blankets for a cool evening outside. Snuggling under a big cozy blanket while you are gazing up at the stars is a perfect way to spend a late summer evening. Make sure the weight of the blanket is appropriate for the weather. You will need a lighter blanket in late summer than you will in late autumn.

It is always favorable to enjoy your outdoor living area for as long as possible. Cool temperatures do not have to keep you inside. Creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere outdoors will allow you to enjoy your backyard well into the fall. Whether you want a cozy atmosphere for two or an entire crowd, Design Furnishings can help you create the perfect backyard experience.

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