How to Create a Flow With Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces


Having an outdoor living area is a great idea. It is a wonderful way to extend the space of your home and make use of every inch of your property. Too often, the outdoor space can appear to be its own entity rather than a fully-functioning extension of the home. One way to make the outdoor area an actual extension of the home is to create a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors. If you are not sure on how to create this aura, keep reading for some easy tips on how to make your indoor living area flow into your outdoor living space.

Have a patio or deck

To be able to flow from your indoor living space to your outdoor living space, you need a dedicated outdoor space to flow to. Decks and patios are perfect structures for providing that space. The key is to create an outdoor living space that is as comfortable and inviting as the inside is. Make sure you have a comfortable seating area and, if the weather tends to get cool in your geographic area, have a heating source to keep your family and guests comfortable.

Blur the line between inside and outside

There is no way around the fact that there is a wall and a door separating the inside of your house from the outside. These items act as barriers that separate the two spaces. To make the inside flow into the outside, these physical barriers need to be blurred into obscurity. One way to make these lines virtually disappear is to have similar design elements on both sides of them.  For example, having your kitchen floor style and color spill into the outside can create a feeling of continuity between the two areas. You can also continue the color scheme from your kitchen or living room to the outside living area by having like-colored cushions, umbrellas, planters or other elements to create a continuous flow from the inside of the house to the outside living area.

Provide shelter

One clear distinction between the indoors and outdoors is covering. When you are inside, you have a ceiling and roof over your head to provide shelter and protection from the elements. When you are outside, all that is above you is the limitless sky. Adding cover to the outside can help create a feeling of togetherness with the inside. Adding shelter and protection to the outdoors is not difficult. It can be as simple as putting up an umbrella or hanging an awning. If you have enough space in your backyard, consider building a pergola or gazebo to create a fantastic covered entertaining space. These structures are great because not only do they provide shelter and protection from the sun, they are also fabulous for growing vines and other creeping plants that can add visual interest to the area.

Use greenery to its fullest effect

Greenery is a natural addition to any outside living area. The lush green color of shrubs, trees and plants is a great way to add personality and style without going overboard. You can easily connect the inside with the outside by adding greenery inside as well. If you have a walkway that leads to your house, be sure to line it with small green plants as a way to welcome visitors to your home. Inside your home, decorate with potted plants by placing them strategically around the house.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is important both inside and outside of the house. Inside the house, light is necessary for activities such as reading and performing tasks like preparing dinner. Each of these activities requires a different type of lighting. Outside, you can have a little more flexibility with your lighting choices. Outdoor lighting is meant to create ambiance as well as be functional. Install some downlights in high areas or string some twinkling lights around the deck railing or the posts of a pergola. The right lighting will help you create an area you will look forward to using time and again.

Use indoor-style decor outside

The time and consideration you gave to choosing your indoor furniture and decor should also be given to the same features that will adorn your outdoor living area. Choose furniture that has plush and comfortable cushions. Don’t forget to have adequate lighting if you like to read outside and a side table to hold your beverage – or even a vase with some colorful flowers you cut from your garden. When you are choosing your outdoor decor items, don’t forget to remain practical. Make sure the items you choose are weather resistant and are durable enough to withstand constant exposure to the outdoor elements.

Generating a cohesive flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces can help to create a comforting and welcoming aura that will truly make your house feel bigger. If you need help establishing an indoor/outdoor flow, the experts at Design Furnishings can help you. Our staff has the knowledge and skill to make your home the best it can be.

If you would like more information on how to create the ideal outdoor living space, visit our website and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Design Furnishings today.