Chaise Lounges: What You Need to Know

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Summer is right around the corner and with it comes long days of outside activities and traveling, and evenings filled with relaxing and entertaining. Whether you choose to invite a large group over for dinner, or spend a quiet night with family relaxing under the stars, having enough comfortable seating is key.  As you add to your outdoor furniture arrangement, one often-overlooked but well-loved piece to consider is the chaise lounge.

The chaise lounge, a chair with an extended seat, is perfect for providing you with comfort and style. Made with durable synthetic wicker, these stylish one-person pieces are ideal for outdoor relaxing, but can be functional and beautiful indoors -especially in your living room, nursery or even a bathroom.

Most lounges recline, so you can sit up and stretch your legs out to read or chat, or turn the seating into a daybed to relax or nap. Adjustable foot levelers give you peace of mind that that your lounge is level, even when your surface isn’t. Design Furnishings offers eight different styles of chaise lounges to ensure you’ll find the piece perfect for you and your home, with circular sun beds, minimalistic frames, double chaise lounges and classic, traditional designs.

Synthetic Wicker: the Perfect Summer Option

Design Furnishings’ synthetic wicker seating and tables are made from hand-woven, premium polyethylene wicker. Available in vintage stone or rich espresso, the wicker is UV-protected commercial quality that can handle even the most extreme temperatures without splintering, rotting, fading or chipping.

Frames for the chaise lounges are built with rust-resistant aircraft-quality aluminum. Flexible strapping under the no-sag wicker bottoms provides additional protection and strength. For long-term peace of mind, the frame has a three-year limited warranty under normal use, the straps have a one-year warranty, and the fabric has a two-year warranty against fading.

The light, airy look of synthetic wicker brings a classic demeanor to any space, and bringing in different colors of cushions and covers can give you a different feel and mood for your chaise.

When selecting a cushion for your chaise lounge, look for something that can handle different weather types and body types. Design Furnishings uses six-inch high-density foam. The cushions come in eight different colors, from muted earth tones like green and cocoa to neutrals like grey and cream, and bright, energetic reds, oranges and turquoises.

Choosing accent pillows can make an impact on the comfort of your chaise lounge. Design Furnishings offers square and rectangle pillows to fit your space in solid colors or patterns to match your mood. Striped and floral designs are available in soft, subtle colors or vibrant, eye-catching designs that can look fantastic with your chaise lounge. Check out our guide to mastering the throw pillow color combinations to put together an attractive outdoor living space.

Taking care of your chaise lounge is important. Preventative maintenance and cleaning for your chaise lounge is a breeze and can improve the lifespan of your new piece.


Unzip the weather-resistant covers and pull out a soft-bristle brush and non-abrasive cleaner like laundry detergent or dish soap are in order. Add about one tablespoon of your soap choice to about two cups of warm water and mix until you have suds. Using this solution and a sponge, clean the cushions. The soft-bristle brush can be helpful to break loose any tough stains. They cushions can be left to dry outside.

While these dry, turn the hose on the frame and base of your chaise lounge. Using the soft-bristle brush and about a quarter of a cup of the soap and about a gallon of warm, clean the frame and base. Hand-woven wicker has areas that can hide dirt, so make sure to thoroughly clean your chaise. Hose down the furniture once you’ve finished and let the piece dry.


Purchasing a cover for your chaise lounge can increase the usability and durability of your new piece of furniture. While it can be tempting to buy a less expensive cover, covers made with waterproof, UV-resistant fabrics can last for the lifetime of your new outdoor furniture.

Design Furnishings offers covers made with extra thick water-resistant coated fabric. These pieces envelop the top and sides of your chaise lounge to give added protection from inclement weather. A drawstring bottom secures the cover to the chaise, keeping it from blowing off or shifting. Double reinforced seams add strength and security to the cover.

If you would like more information, visit our website and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Design Furnishings today!