Celebrate Spring with these Tips to Build your Outdoor Bar

Build Your Outdoor Bar

Spring has arrived and even though you might be fighting off the sniffles, that’s not enough to stop you from Spring partying! What better way to celebrate the change in season than to deck out your outdoor bar? Here are a few tips and items that you can purchase from Design Furnishings to make your Spring bash a major success.


The table is your meeting spot and is crucial to building your ideal outdoor bar area. Here are some suggestions from our website to help you get started.

Classic: This custom hand-woven wicker bar set is perfect for your gathering station. It is high density and all weather so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by the elements. Its classic style is chic yet sophisticated and comfortably seats 6 guests. Also, you should consider adding a couple candles to the center (perhaps a citronella to keep away the bugs), right next to where you’re going to put your tissues for the allergy-ridden.

High Top Table: The Venus Pub Table is set higher above the ground with a matching 5 piece backless barstool set that you can purchase here. If you just want the high table top without the stools, that’s fine too. You’ll find that many people prefer to stand at parties, and by purchasing several of these, you can spread them across your backyard, providing multiple meeting spots for your guests. It’s simple, affordable and aesthetically pleasing, Also, if you’re a taller bunch, this is an ideal table for you.


Bar Stools with Back: You can purchase a set of chairs for your bar on our website. The benefit to barstools with a back? Comfort. You don’t have to prop yourself up, but instead can tilt backwards and let the chair do the work. You have the ability to slump back in your chair and relax. Our advice? If you’re a slumper, don’t go for this design. It’ll allow you to bend back in your chair at an odd angle that may cause complications with your spine, where a backless stool forces you to sit up straight and avoid back problems in the future.

But boy, are they comfy.

Also be mindful of the height when buying the chairs for your outdoor bar. You want to make sure if you have a high-top table that the stools are close enough to the bottom of the table that your adult guests won’t look like they’re sipping margaritas at the kiddie table.

Backless Bar Stools: Backless bar stools are beautiful and are designed to be configured to multiple settings. They are relatively inexpensive and have health benefits too, such as forcing the person seated to straighten their back. This can be much more comfortable for many people than sitting in a chair with a back that gives them the option to crunch up in a Quasimoto-like position.

You probably remember high school, being squished into some horrible torture-chamber of a chair-desk combo for 6 hours a day. This was not good for and you should be happy that you’re emancipated from your high-school desk bonds! Nobody wants to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame when they’re older and backless stools can help prevent that proces. They also look super snazzy and progressive.


Now you’ve got your bar, you’ve got your stools, let’s get into how you can add a few accent pieces to liven up your space.

Umbrella: Adding an umbrella will not only keep you out of the sun and comfortable but it will also provide you with an excellent visual addition to your bar. If it starts to drizzle, you can easily pop up the umbrella and serve your mixed drinks under the comfort of its protection. Or if it’s a scorcher of a day, the umbrella will provide you with plenty of coverage so you’re not using your t-shirt as a sweat rag every 5 minutes.

Fire Pits:  Fire was the caveman’s television and it’s still a huge crowd pleaser. Install one of these fire pits in your backyard in combination with your bar and you’ll be providing entertainment, warmth and an impressive outdoor set-up. There are many rules and regulations to having a fire-pit (for example, you can’t go lighting a fire in a garbage can in your backyard and calling it a “fire pit”) but by installing one of our premium gas fire pits, you don’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the cops. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. You can read our blog posting on the benefits of a gas fire pit here.

Furniture Covers: You’ve spent the time, energy and money on creating your outdoor bar, now protect it! Wicker furniture is amazingly resilient but sometimes you just can’t help the damage of mother nature. Keep your furniture safe by purchasing covers for your new prized possessions.

You may not be able to prevent the sneezes but hopefully after this post, you’re equipped with the tools that you need to build an outside bar that will impress your guests and allow you to throw the best Spring party you can.

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