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How To Create A Meditation Garden Around Wicker Furniture

Regardless of the size of your home, you need a space for relaxing and dream building. This should be a quiet corner where you allow your mind to drift. If possible, it should be a site where you refuse to take your cell phone and too distant to be disturbed by the chime of a doorbell. To design such a space, read our meditation garden ideas below and learn how to create a meditation garden around wicker furniture.   Essentials of the Meditation Garden Most designers consider a water Read more [...]
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Eight Ways To Update Outdoor Living Spaces In The Spring

Spring is always a time of renewal -- new buds on the trees, new scents and sounds, new clothing styles. It also is a good time to renew your patio or other outdoor gathering place. Here are eight ways to update outdoor living spaces in the spring that you can accomplish with ease and little expense. First, look at the space you have. There may be more to it than you have considered. Side yards, for example, can easily become a resting spot with a couple of cafe chairs and a small drink stand. Read more [...]
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How To Take Wicker Furniture Out Of Winter Storage

Wicker furniture is beautiful and works with every type of decor. Most people know that keeping wicker furniture in good condition requires protecting it from the harsh conditions of winter weather. Protecting wicker in winter is just one component of taking care of your investment and many people do not know how to take wicker furniture out of winter storage. While it may seem that all one has to do is take the wicker furniture out and enjoy it when spring arrives, there are a few steps that need Read more [...]
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How to Transform the Look of Your Current Wicker Furniture

When you invest in beautiful wicker furniture, you plan to keep it for many years to come. Sometimes trends change or your overall home décor is updated. The current design of your wicker furnishings might not match your new tastes. You may not have go to the effort and expense of buying a whole new set of wicker furniture. Consider simple ways to transform the look of your current wicker furniture to extend its life in your revamped environment.   Consider Your Wicker Furniture Makeover The Read more [...]
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10 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Wicker Furniture

For centuries, people have been choosing wicker furniture because it is beautiful and durable. Wicker furniture is ideal for a variety of spaces including sunrooms, patios and decks. The proper maintenance can help extend the life of your favorite wicker pieces. Once you find the ideal wicker furniture, you want to preserve it for years to come. Learn how to care for wicker furniture below.   1. Protect Wicker from the Rays of the Sun While wicker stands up to the outdoor elements, protecting Read more [...]
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Different Types of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Just a decade ago, wicker outdoor furniture referred to a solitary wicker king chair or a swing on your grandma's front porch. Now there are a variety of different types of outdoor wicker furniture to transform your outdoor living spaces into gracious places. Modern wicker furniture for outdoors is dramatic, sturdy and comfortable. Consider the types of wicker furniture below and you'll soon be spending most of your time outdoors during the nice weather!   The New Look of Wicker Chairs We Read more [...]
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The Color Guide to Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is available in almost any color of the rainbow. Some people prefer the neutral hues of natural wicker while others like it painted to match their current décor. Learn more about the various colors of wicker and how they fit into your home.   Basics about Wicker Contrary to popular belief, the term wicker is a general classification as opposed to a certain material. It is a broad term used to describe an array of natural and synthetic materials used to create beautiful Read more [...]

Protecting Your Wicker Furniture in the Winter

As the fall gets chillier, many of us reluctantly realize it is time to prepare for the winter. People enjoy sitting outdoors on their wicker furniture throughout the spring, summer and fall. But when the threat of the first snow is near, you must protect your wicker furniture against the harshness of winter. Cold weather and freezing rain can be harmful to your favorite wicker pieces. Consider basic ways to protect your wicker furniture in the winter to prolong the life of chairs, tables and more. Read more [...]
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Latest Wicker Furniture Trends

Wicker furniture has been used for centuries. Simple and elegant, the durability of wicker makes it timeless. The latest wicker furniture trends make your home look more beautiful. From the return of the king chair to wicker sectional sofas, consider some of the trendy wicker furniture styles that can transform your outdoor and indoor living spaces.   Wicker Yesterday and Today To get an idea about the latest wicker furniture trends, we need to step back in time for a few moments. The Read more [...]
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How to Use Wicker Furniture To Spruce Up Living Space

Elegant, finely crafted and comfortable wicker furniture continues to stay popular among homeowners looking to add a bit of old-world charm to their living spaces. An integral part of European and American homes over the ages, wicker furniture has since evolved to keep pace with contemporary lifestyles, presenting itself in a myriad of types, designs and colors to suit the needs of modern homes. Shopping for wicker furniture today has become a relatively easy task, with several dealers and manufacturers Read more [...]