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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

If you think it is too early to start thinking about winterizing your yard, you are wrong. This is the perfect time of year to start preparing your yard and landscape elements for the long, cold winter. Taking the following proactive steps now, before the cold weather comes, will save you time and frustration when the spring comes and you are ready to be outside again. Learn more about preparing your lawn for winter below. Aerate Aerating the lawn in late fall is a great idea. Although the grass Read more [...]
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The Wicker Furniture Making Process

Wicker is not a material, but rather is a general term that is given to a group of natural or man-made materials that can be woven such as cane, rattan, willow, reed, rush, grasses, resins, vinyl, and splints among others. Wicker also pertains to the weaving process by which the materials mentioned above are then made into furniture. In summary, wickerwork is an ancient technique that is being utilized to manufacture furniture with the application of natural materials. Most commonly, the chosen natural Read more [...]
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5 Outdoor Games To Play With Children

It can be difficult to get your children to play outside. Many children would rather watch television or play video games than take a hike or ride a bicycle. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, and it is a result of inactive children. If you want to protect your children from obesity, diabetes and heart disease, it is wise to motivate them to play outdoors so they can get some exercise while also having fun. When it comes to getting outside and being active, kids respond best to things they Read more [...]
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9 Tips for Furnishing your New House

Decorating a new home is a fun and exciting prospect. However, it does take a bit of thought beforehand, and a few home decoration tips always help. Taking some time to consider what you want and what the final product will look like can be the difference between disappointment and elation over the final product. Following are some basic tips for furnishing a new home to keep in mind as you begin thinking about decorating your new home. Choose a color palate The colors you choose for your home Read more [...]
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5 Advantages to a Gas Fire Pit

One of the major benefits of having an outdoor living space is having the ability to spend time relaxing outdoors. Patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, and other furnishings add to the ambiance of your patio or backyard and allow you to enjoy good weather, fine food, and the company of friends. One other aspect of outdoor living is your fire pit; among its many benefits, it provides a gathering place, serves as a decoration, and allows you to cook outdoors in a rustic campfire-style setting. Gas Read more [...]
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6 Ways to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture can add personality to a yard or patio. Adorning an outdoor gathering area with this type of furniture can become costly over time. If the furniture is not taken care of properly, it can easily lose its luster and even become damaged. This situation can result in the furniture quickly becoming useless and turning into little more than an expensive eyesore. It is a good idea for a homeowner to take precautions to protect the furniture from the potentially damaging elements Read more [...]
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7 Ideas For Designing Your Outdoor Patio Space

The best part of having outdoor space at a home is the ability to decorate it and use it for relaxing and socializing. Having an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space encourages homeowners to use their decks and patios more often and provides a reason to socialize with friends and family more often in the nice weather. It can be difficult for the average homeowner to become inspired with a design for an otherwise boring outdoor space. Here are some great ideas to get you thinking about how to update Read more [...]
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7 Ways to Keep Outdoor Furniture from Blowing Away

One of the best parts of nice weather is being able to enjoy the outdoor areas at our homes. Many people invest a considerable amount of money in their outdoor areas in order to have a comfortable place to socialize and relax once the cold weather of the winter turns into the temperate climes of spring and summer. A constant fear for many people with outdoor lawn furniture is the thought of it blowing away whenever winds start to pick up or a storm is impending. Nothing can put a damper on summer Read more [...]
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Here’s How to Throw the Best Outdoor Bash Ever!

Once the weather breaks and it is time to come out of the igloo you’ve spent the winter in, it’s nice to host an outdoor party. Hosting a party outside can have its own set of challenges if there isn’t proper preparation for it. Anyone who is looking forward to hosting an outdoor party once the winter is over should keep the following guidelines in mind during the planning process. The details The idea of an outdoor party can easily mean something different to everyone. So, make sure Read more [...]
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8 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture Covers & Replacement Cushions

Having outdoor furniture covered when it is not in use is important to keep it in good repair and looking good. Covers help to protect outdoor furniture from weather elements such as snow, rain and scorching sun rays. They can also protect outdoor furniture from the moisture of the morning dew, dirt, and other outdoor elements they are exposed to. Choosing the right outdoor furniture covers is important. Here are some tips on choosing the best covers and replacement outdoor cushions to suit every Read more [...]