8 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture Covers & Replacement Cushions

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Having outdoor furniture covered when it is not in use is important to keep it in good repair and looking good. Covers help to protect outdoor furniture from weather elements such as snow, rain and scorching sun rays. They can also protect outdoor furniture from the moisture of the morning dew, dirt, and other outdoor elements they are exposed to. Choosing the right outdoor furniture covers is important. Here are some tips on choosing the best covers and replacement outdoor cushions to suit every need.

1. Quality

Outdoor furniture covers are not items to scrimp on. Although the lure of buying less expensive covers might be great, it needs to be avoided. Inexpensive covers generally do not stand up to extreme temperature changes or hard use. Having to replace cheap covers every few years will result in having to spend more money in the long run.

2. Materials

Inexpensive outdoor furniture covers are made from vinyl or plastic. Although the initial output of money is low, these covers are not always the most economical choices. They generally only last one or two seasons before they need to be replaced due to their inability to withstand extreme temperatures, so there is a greater cost in replacing these covers. It is a better idea to choose covers that are made from materials that are durable, waterproof, and UV resistant. Covers should also be lightweight and easy to store when they are not being used.

3. Sizing

Better-quality covers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet several needs. There is a good chance that the exact dimensions of the furniture to be covered will not match the dimensions of the cover. When this occurs, the solution isn’t merely to purchases the next largest size. Instead, it is best to purchase custom-fit outdoor furniture covers. Although this solution might cost more than just buying a close size, the protection the furniture will receive will be well worth it since covers that are too small won’t provide adequate coverage and those that are too big can allow too much space for weather elements and debris to get in and harm the furniture.

4. Optional features

Many outdoor furniture covers come with optional features. Features such as Velcro closures, elastic hems, zips, leg ties, and storage pockets help to add value to the covers. These features may add additional cost to the covers, but they can make the covers more convenient and save headaches down the line. For example, tie and snap closures help to keep the covers secured in high winds or heavy rains and fleece undersides can help prevent damage to the furniture.

5. Aesthetics

Outdoor furniture covers do not have to be boring. There are many color and pattern options that are available to suit anyone’s tastes. For those who aren’t looking for a lot of flash it is easy to find covers in standard neutral colors such as black, green, and tan. For those looking for a little more pizzazz, there are covers in more overt colors such as red and blue. For those wishing to make a bold and unique statement with their covers, there are even patterns and designs as well.

6. Texture

Texture may often be an overlooked feature of outdoor furniture covers but it is important nonetheless. Covers need to be strong but not brittle. They can also not be too abrasive; as if they are they can scratch or otherwise damage the furniture they are intended to protect. Look for covers that are strong on the outside but soft on the inside.

7. Warranties

Some companies offer warranties with the purchase of their outdoor patio covers. Although the service might not ever be needed, it is nice to know patio furniture can be covered in the event of an unforeseen accident.

8. Replacement cushions

Sometimes even when great care is taken and outdoor furniture is covered and taken care of, the cushions may still need to be replaced. In these cases, new replacement outdoor cushions can be purchased either through online retailers, big box stores, and other common retailers. Those who do not wish to buy new cushions there is another option. New custom cushions can be made to replace the old ones. In order to have new cushions made, precise measurements of the furniture frame need to be taken. Exact instructions for this process can be found online, as can crafters who will make the replacement cushions.

In order to keep the furniture in good working condition and allow it to remain attractive and aesthetically pleasing, it is important to keep it covered when it is not being used in order to protect it from the outdoor elements. Taking some care in picking out the right outdoor furniture covers can assure that patio furniture will remain in good condition for several years.