8 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting your Outdoor Furniture

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Furnishing your outdoor living area is just as important as furnishing the interior of the house. Picking the right furniture for the patio deserves the same amount of care and attention as picking furniture for the living room. When you are looking for new furniture for your outdoor area, be sure to consider the following factors.

1. Function and purpose

Outdoor furniture should be both attractive and useful. There is no benefit to purchasing outdoor furniture that is pretty to look at but cannot be used. Consider how the furniture is going to be used before purchasing it. Think about how the entire outdoor area is going to be used and how you want it to look and act accordingly.

2. Complement the deck’s style

Decks have come a long way over the past several years. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. When you are considering what type of furniture to purchase, keep the style of your deck in mind. Make sure the furniture you choose complements the deck to achieve an overall cohesive look.

3. Blend the exterior with the interior

Even though the outside of the house is a separate entity from the interior, the two are often connected by the deck. If the furniture on the outside of the house is not properly blended with the style of the interior of the house, the result can appear to be a jumbled mess. Although the outdoor furniture does not have to match the inside of the house, it is a good idea to retain a common theme, era, or color scheme both inside and outside.

4. Consider both comfort and quality

Comfort and quality are the two most important features of outdoor furniture. It is important to get the highest quality without breaking your bank. But, even the best quality of furniture is useless if no one wants to use it. Be sure to sit on outdoor couches and chairs before you purchase them. Angie’s List suggests being able to sit comfortably in a chair for at least five minutes before deciding on the purchase.  Other features to look for regarding the comfort of furniture is the placement of armrests, the amount of legroom, and the height of tables.

5. Size is everything

There are many reasons to consider the size of the outdoor furniture you purchase. It needs to be large enough to be comfortable, but there are other factors to consider as well. Furniture that is designed too low to the ground can be difficult to get out of. Couches should not be so deep that people’s feet cannot touch the ground. Tables should be large enough to comfortably seat everyone in the family. Also, you need to consider the size of your outdoor space. If you have limited space, you will need to stick with smaller styles, and if you have a large deck or yard, you will want to choose larger pieces that take up more space.

6. Use weatherproof and long-lasting materials

Outdoor furniture needs to be able to withstand the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Keep the weather conditions of your geographical location in mind when you are choosing your outdoor furniture. Most modern wicker is specially treated to withstand water, so it will not warp when it is left out in the rain. Also, be sure to choose cushions that are durable and fade-resistant. One way to tell if a fabric is fade-resistant is to check the underside of it. If it is the same color as the front, chances are it will not fade because it has been dyed the whole way through.

7. Consider multi-functional pieces

It is always great to get a two-for-one deal. When you can get a piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose, it is an extra-special bonus. First, being able to use a piece for two purposes saves space. The extra space you gain can be used for adding decorative features that complete the look of the area. Another option is adding some vibrant flowers or plants.

8. Storage and care

The storage and care of outdoor furniture is important for keeping it well-maintained and looking good. Although the furniture is going to be out during the more temperate months, you may want to consider storing it for the winter so make sure you have adequate storage before you make a purchase. Also, since outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements, it is a good idea to purchase pieces that are easy to care for. Look for furniture that simply needs to be hosed off or wiped down with a damp cloth.

Whatever outdoor furniture you choose, make sure it fits your needs. Design Furnishings has a wide selection of outdoor furniture that can be a great addition to any backyard living area.

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