8 Ideas for Patio Furniture use in Winter

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Now that the winter is near, you may think that it is time to put the patio furniture away and stay inside until everything thaws. But, that is not the case. With a little ingenuity you can enjoy the winter wonderland from your patio all season long. Here are some great winter patio ideas to help you brainstorm uses for patio furniture in winter.

Patio heaters

Patio heaters are a convenient way to be able to make use of your patio furniture in the winter. Patio heaters are easy for a homeowner to install and can raise the outdoor temperature as much as 25 degrees. The added heat can make the patio a cozy place on cold winter nights. One downfall of patio heaters is that they are not ecologically friendly; another is that frequent use of a patio heater can significantly raise your electric bill.

Patio fireplaces

Outside patio fireplaces area great option for adding both warmth and ambiance to a yard. Patio fireplaces can be quite large so it is essential that you have adequate space for one. Also, they are not mobile, so having a patio fireplace requires a permanent space commitment. The trade-off is a beauteous structure in the yard. Winter patio furniture that is arranged around a patio fireplace gives off such a feeling of warmth and comfort that you will wish it was winter all year round.

Fire pit table

Fire pit tables are a hip and stylish way to bring warmth to a patio. They are a great accent piece, and unlike patio fireplaces, they are not stationary, so they can be continually relocated to suit your needs or changing tastes. Since fire pit tables are so stylish, they make great focal points and conversation pieces for parties. Fire pits do give off only a limited amount of heat that dissipates rather soon, so using a fire pit table will also require you to have some blankets for you and your guests to compensate.

Wind barriers

Cold air temperatures are not all that need to be combated if you want to enjoy your outdoor patio furniture in the winter. You need to be concerned about wind as well. A crisp winter wind can lower the temperature on the patio as much as 10 degrees. Harsher winds can make the temperature drop even more than that. Installing wind barriers made of lightweight wood, such as bamboo, will keep the biting winter winds away from you while you are enjoying time using your patio furniture in the winter.

Use good patio lighting

Installing some quality patio lighting will help to illuminate the patio in the winter when sunlight is at a minimum. Using soft and subtle lighting choices will add some visual appeal as well as allow you to spend extended time on your patio or deck in the winter.

Choose the right accessories

The right patio accessories can make or break your desire to use your outdoor area in the winter. Make sure the cushions you choose for your patio furniture are comfortable also make sure they are sufficiently thick if the frames of your patio furniture are made of materials that will retain the cold.  The materials the cushions are made from should be water-resistant to protect against outdoor elements such as snow and ice. Also, be sure to have some stylish but usable blankets for use when heat sources are not sufficient.

Add an outdoor kitchen

The cost of adding an outdoor kitchen can vary depending on the extent of it. A basic outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, cabinet space, counter space, dishes, and utensils can run about $5,000; but this can be money well spent. An outdoor kitchen will encourage year-round outdoor entertaining, just make sure the outdoor kitchen has ample space for food and drink preparation. Also, keep the weather in mind, when you are entertaining outside, serve warm weather treats such as chili or have a soup bar. Drinks should include hot chocolate and coffee as well as libations that lend themselves to winter weather such as hot buttered rum or mulled cider.

Add a patio cover

This idea takes a little forethought, but a good way to assure being able to use your patio furniture in the wintertime is to have a cover on your patio. Keeping the sides open but having a cover or canopy overhead will keep the elements out and make the outdoors more enjoyable. A patio cover can really complete an enjoyable outdoor area.

Enjoying your outdoor space doesn’t have to end when the cold weather comes. By having the proper lighting, seating, and an adequate heat source you can use your patio furniture even when the weather outside is frightful.