7 Ways to Master the Throw Pillow Color Combo

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The signs are upon us: birds chirping, the weather warming up, no need for a jacket. That’s right; summertime is right around the corner! We all know what that means: more time will be spent outside and the patio will be the number one hangout spot. Just like any other room or space, color coordination is key to keep up the good vibes. How do you do so with outdoor furniture, you ask? Throw pillows, throw pillows, throw pillows! Yes, those comfy cushions do make all the difference in keeping your guests (and yourself) comfortable and creating the maximum outdoor experience. The right color combination can make all the difference in the mood that is set and possibly how frequently you’ll enjoy your furniture. Dark colors convey coziness while light colors give off a feel of openness. Some people like to go with more modest, minimalist color schemes, others like colors as bright as the sun to keep a fun feel going, and some like cooler colors to create a more serene atmosphere. With so many choices to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. No worries! With the help from a top outdoor furnishing company, these tips from Design Furnishings will give you a better idea of which color combo of throw pillows will work best for you and the outdoor ambiance you’re trying to create!

1. Minimalistic

To ease into this process laden with many options, let’s start off with the basics. Minimalistic color themes can take the pressure off of choosing the right color combo and create a simplistic and relaxing vibe. Black and white palettes are highly underestimated, but give off a classic feel. Sometimes it takes pulling back and using a simplistic palette to uncover a suitable vibe for your outdoor patio!

2. Bright Palette

Embracing the sun and all the warm weather it produces can be great for your throw pillow color combo! Utilizing vivid colors inspired by summer will bring out and capture the vibrancy of the season. Sure to get anyone’s attention and keep the happy vibes going, this color palette will remind you of the beauty of nature’s jewels, which would be flowers and other lively plants.

3. Cool Pattern

Make a splash with a cool color pattern! Summer is the prime season to utilize outdoor furniture, which is also, the best time to take a dive into your pool. Why not reflect that in your throw pillows? Such colors as blues, greens, and even, bright orange can help give off this feel. The best color combo to use to give off this natural, watery color scheme would have to be a monochromatic blue palette. This ombre theme of colors creates layers of tones to make you feel like you can sink into the ocean of your furniture without drowning!

4. A pop of color

Much like the minimalistic theme, adding a pop of color to the black and white color way makes all the difference. A vibrant color like red or deep blue can create a strong, but modern vibe. According to Houzz, adding a pop of yellow to the color combination can, “set off any outdoor space that needs brightening or is simply begging for the spotlight. This courageous combo is fierce when these colors are the stars.”

5. Forest Theme

If you’re going to be outdoors, why not embrace it? Utilizing a color scheme that reminds you of a woody atmosphere can enhance your surroundings and create a relaxing experience outdoors. Such colors as forest greens, browns, beiges, and other Earth tones can invoke the most comfortable forest atmosphere you’ll ever be in without having to camp out!

6. Sandy Neutrals

Utilizing a neutral color palette can create a sandy, outdoors feel without actually having to be in a dessert or the Sahara. Even though, the heat of summer may make you feel like you are! To achieve this color combination, look to use different tones of brown, beige, and possibly even green. You can even throw in a neutral tone of clay red to create an accent.

7. Elegant Darks

Giving off a cozy ambiance, dark colors can convey an environment of elegance. While many might not turn to a darker color palette due to fear of heat saturation, don’t rule it out just yet! Choosing such colors as deep reds, greens, or even, royal blues can help create that sophisticated homey feel you’ve been looking for.

With all the different tips to choosing the right color combinations, you are now equipped to choose the right one for your throw pillows! There are several throw pillows available to choose from to help you complete your color combo at Design Furnishings. Offering free shipping, an immense amount of selection, and years of online experience, this outdoor furniture company specializes in helping you create just the right outdoor environment. Whether you’re entertaining or just relaxing, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Design Furnishings!