7 Ways to Keep Outdoor Furniture from Blowing Away

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One of the best parts of nice weather is being able to enjoy the outdoor areas at our homes. Many people invest a considerable amount of money in their outdoor areas in order to have a comfortable place to socialize and relax once the cold weather of the winter turns into the temperate climes of spring and summer. A constant fear for many people with outdoor lawn furniture is the thought of it blowing away whenever winds start to pick up or a storm is impending. Nothing can put a damper on summer fun more than watching perfectly good outdoor furniture blow away with no chance of catching it. Thankfully, there are ways to assure outdoor furniture stays put; even through the worst spring winds and summer storms.

Plant a wind Break

Using existing shrubbery and plants to build a wall that works as a wind barrier is a good way to keep outdoor patio furniture in place. Creating a wind barrier with natural greenery is aesthetically pleasing and will likely become a point of conversation for visitors to the home during the outdoor party season.

Furniture covers

Investing in some heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers is another great way of making sure the patio furniture stays in place. When the furniture is covered, it can be secured down by something weighted without fear of damaging the seats. Some good everyday articles to use as weights for the furniture include sandbags, or small weights. There are some covers that are large enough to cover multiple pieces together. This will also help the outdoor furniture from blowing away in windy weather.

Stack furniture in a corner

When outdoor furniture is not in use stack up the chairs and place them in a corner or near a wall. Placing your furniture in this manner will give them some protection from the elements and the walls will act as a barrier from the wind that can pick the furniture up and whirl it away. If you are in the market for new outdoor furniture, consider looking into nesting furniture that is specifically designed to interlock with each other so they stack easily.

Wrought iron frames

People who live in homes that are geographically located in high-wind areas should consider investing in outdoor furniture with wrought iron frames. Frames that are made from wrought iron are significantly heavier and h3er than frames made from other materials such as plastic or aluminum. If you plan on going the wrought-iron route, be warned that this type of outdoor furniture is difficult to move once it is situated, so be sure it is placed in an area you will want to keep it for a long time.

Bungee cords

Using bungee cords to secure the furniture is another great way to prevent outdoor furniture from blowing away. Bungee cords are relatively inexpensive and can easily be found at any local hardware or big box store. Simply stretching the bungee cord across the furniture and securing the hook ends to a structure that cannot move such as a fence post or stair railing. It is important to make sure the cord fits snugly against the furniture, so it might need to be wrapped around the furniture multiple times to eliminate any slack before it is fastened to the structure.

Using stakes and anchors on the patio

This method of securing outdoor patio furniture requires a bit of forethought and a little extra work as well. But the results will be worth the effort. First, specialty stakes and anchors will need to be purchased from a hardware or big box store. Be sure to be wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from any flying debris, then follow the steps below:

  • Using a hammer drill, drill a hole into the patio, slightly deeper than the length of the anchors
  • Drop the anchor sleeve into the hole and tap it in place until only the ring is visible
  • Insert a ring anchor into the sleeve and twist it in place until only the ring is visible above the concrete
  • Pass securing material such as a chain or cable through the ring and then through part of the patio furniture piece being secured.
  • Use a small padlock or combination lock to secure everything in place.

Secure furniture to grassy areas

This method is similar to the one mentioned above, but pertains to grassy areas rather than patios. Follow the instructions below for this method.

  • Insert the sharp tip of the spiral ring into the dirt.
  • Twist so that it spirals into the soil.
  • Run a chain or cable through the ring through the top of the anchor and then pass it through an opening in the furniture.
  • Secure the cable or chain with a padlock or combination lock.
  • Repeat all steps as needed for all additional anchors that are used.

Anyone who lives in an area that is affected at all by winds or other weather force should consider choosing one of these methods for keeping their outdoor furniture from flying away. It is far better to take a few preventative measures than lose the furniture to the elements of weather.