7 Ideas For Designing Your Outdoor Patio Space

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The best part of having outdoor space at a home is the ability to decorate it and use it for relaxing and socializing. Having an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space encourages homeowners to use their decks and patios more often and provides a reason to socialize with friends and family more often in the nice weather. It can be difficult for the average homeowner to become inspired with a design for an otherwise boring outdoor space. Here are some great ideas to get you thinking about how to update and revitalize your outdoor living area.

Beach house patio

This is a great idea for those who dream of a vacation on the beach. The sun and surf can provide tons of inspiration that can be applied to an outdoor patio area. The earth tones of sand and water will work with any current design scheme as well as provides a base for splashes of accent color. Plus, it’s easy to find accent pieces with a beachy motif. A beach-themed outdoor area can easily be dressed up or down to fit both modern and classic styles as well. Guests will love coming over to the house for a piña colada or fruity daiquiri.

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are hot trends. Here is an opportunity to make an outdoor fireplace the focal point of the outside gathering area. An outdoor fireplace provides just enough heat for a cool summer or fall evening. Coordinating wicker chairs strategically placed around large tables or grouped to inspire conversation help to create a quaint and relaxing rustic backdrop for an outside area that can truly be seen as an extension of the home.

 Bright and vibrant

Nothing quite screams summer like bright and vibrant colors. So, it is natural to use bright colors as decorating inspiration for outdoor living areas. Turquoise, chartreuse, and bright pink are always popular colors for summer time, but any bright hue will work, so the color palate is strictly up to the homeowner. For bright colors to work best, it is important to not overdo it. Pick neutral bases for furniture, such as sandy-colored wicker furniture and use brightly colored cushions to make a bold statement.

Neutral tones

Not everyone is into bright colors. For those who want something a little more understated, neutral tones are a great way to go. Decorating an outdoor space with hues in the gray and ivory families are a great way to let the vibrant colors of nature shine through. Homeowners who want to go this route might want to consider having a floored area made of a natural material such as limestone as well as some understated wrought iron furniture with lightly colored cushions and perhaps some decorative adornments that are neutrally-colored.

Outdoor garden

As long as it is an outdoor area that is being decorated, consider using the outdoors as inspiration for its décor. Let the colors in the garden dictate how the outdoor area is decorated.  Set up simple eating and conversation areas with neutrally colored chairs and tables and let the beauty of the garden be the focal point and conversation piece. Before guests arrive cut some flowers to put in a vase to use as centerpieces and cut a few long branches to place on the table and hang over the edge for some simplistic yet elegant decoration.

Rooftop getaway

Some households are lucky enough to have their outdoor relaxation space on their rooftops rather than their back yards. It is not necessary to throw a few aluminum lawn chairs up there and call it a day. Having rooftop space is an asset that should be taken advantage of. Create an outdoor sanctuary by decorating the rooftop deck with oversized comfortable chairs and sleek accent tables. If the rooftop overlooks beautiful scenery such as a lake or mountains, don’t clutter the view with a lot of extra accents. Let the natural wonders create a majestic backdrop.

Outdoor kitchen

Just as the kitchen inside is the most sociable room in the house, so is an outdoor kitchen. A truly excellent outdoor gathering space includes room for not only eating and drinking but for cooking as well. Making the outdoor kitchen the focal point of the outdoor gathering design in a great idea. Make sure to have plenty of counterpace for prep work and serving and if room permits, have a separate bar area that is stocked and easily accessible so guests can help themselves. Guests will be happy to mill around as the scent of scrumptious grilled food is wafting in the air.

Inspirations for the designs of outdoor gathering areas can be found just about anywhere. Color schemes and styles can be changed to suite the tastes of any homeowner. The key is to go with something that speaks to the heart and mind and to just have fun with it.  To find more inspirations or to find pieces with which to decorate your patio, visit designfurnishings.com.