6 Tips For Stocking Your Outdoor Bar

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An outdoor bar makes a great addition to any home and is a place where you can relax with your family and entertain guests. Once your bar has been built or purchased, you may be eager to use it and invite your guests over for drinks on the patio. Before you host your first outdoor party, make sure you know how to stock an outdoor bar properly. Here are some home bar tips to help.

 1. Storage

You aren’t going to want to haul all of your supplies in and out of your home every time you host a party or get together and if you plan to keep them outside with your bar you will need to have the proper storage. Bags and plastic containers that seal and are air-tight are ideal for outdoor storage. You can find the in different shapes and sizes and stack them under or around your bar when you are not using the thing inside.

 2. Coolers

Everyone likes a cold drink and you are going to need a way to keep your drinks cool and your ice frozen. A small cooler can be stored beside or in the bar and can be used to keep your drinks and ice cold. You may also want to purchase a mini freezer and store it under your bar to use as needed.

 3. Liquor

A well stocked bar is a happy bar. Let’s face it, you built your bar so you could drink so you might as well stock it with a good selection of liquor. Make sure you offer a variety including vodkas, whiskeys, bourbons, rums and plenty of mixes and garnishes to create some tasty cocktails. You can even display your liquor selection on your bar so guest know what you offer.

 4. Snacks

When people start drinking they tend to get hungry and you don’t want anyone at your bar to be hungry. Be sure to provide a lot of snacks for your guests and your family. Peanuts, crackers, chips, pickles, olives and small desserts are great for outdoor bars. Make sure they are stored properly to prevent them from spoiling or being taken by critters.

 5. Servingware

You are going to need servingware in order to serve snacks and meals to your guests at the bar. Keep a set of plates, napkins, cutlery and bowls in your bar. You never know when you will need to host a dinner party or cookout that includes drinks at your bar or when you will decide to prepare some appetizers for your guest to enjoy with their alcohol and drinks.

 6. Glasses

If you want your bar to appear authentic, you need to have the proper glasses to serve your alcohol in. Certain drinks are traditionally served in specific types of of glasses so it is a good

idea to keep several of each type of class in your outdoor bar. You can also keep regular drinking glasses in your bar in case some of your guests prefer to be served water or soda.

An outdoor bar will give you the opportunity to treat your family and your guests to some tasty drinks and fun. If you want to be properly prepared for every party your host, you need to make sure your outdoor bar is stocked right. If you need products for your bar, check out the selection at Design Furnishings.