6 Reasons Why You Should be Financing Your Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Finance Your Furniture (2)

Purchasing outdoor furniture can be a major financial commitment. Sometimes the cost of it makes potential buyers balk at the purchase. However, choosing to finance the purchase has many advantages that can make the purchase doable for consumers. Keep reading to learn about the many advantages financing an outdoor furniture purchase has for the average consumer.


1. Financing opens up for purchasing options

Financing outdoor furniture is a great way to open up purchasing options. Outfitting an outdoor living area with new furniture can get costly. Many people simply are not financially able to pay the entire price of a purchase with cash or an interest bearing credit card. But, financing the purchase with the store is a great way to get all of the furniture you need and paying it off in installments.


2. Stores that have finance programs are willing to work with customers

Stores that offer finance programs understand that their potential customers might not be able to make complete payments for their outdoor furniture. Providing a financing option for people who shop at their stores, shows a level of customer service that many people are looking for when they are looking to make major purchases for their home. Ultimately, stores that have finance programs help their customers make the best purchase decisions, which leads to increased business for them.


3. Financing helps customers get what they want

Although many customers are skeptical about financing outdoor furniture, there is no need to be. Financing this type of purchase helps customers to get exactly what they want. Since a furniture buyer has many options to choose from, it is easy to settle on a less expensive choice in order to save money. In many instances, this requires the purchaser to make a choice that is not the favorite. With a financing option, customers can get the outdoor furniture they want and simply pay it off over time. So, settling for second best is virtually eliminated.


4. Financing allows a store to offer the “perfect product”

In today’s economy, people are still watching every penny they spend, and they are always looking for a deal. Even though consumers are looking for a deal, they still want high-quality items. Financing options allow consumers to purchase high- quality outdoor furniture that is going to keep them satisfied for a long time. When a customer chooses to finance outdoor furniture, it allows for the purchases of the “perfect product” to become a reality, resulting in an overall satisfied customer.


5. Financing is convenient and effortless

Once outdoor furniture is purchased using a financing plan, paying for it becomes convenient and effortless. The payment plan is set up and managed by the store. Once it is in place, all the customer must do is make monthly payments. These payments can usually be electronically deducted directly from the customer’s bank account, so it is not even necessary to send a check or go to the store with a payment in hand.


6. Financing is better than using a traditional credit card

Financing outdoor furniture is a better option than paying for it with a traditional credit card for a few reasons.

  • Credit cards charge interest on purchases that are not paid in full after the first billing cycle. Financing options do not charge interest, so in the course of the payment schedule; a customer can save hundreds of dollars in interest fees.
  • Financing outdoor furniture gives the consumer several different payment options such as lower payments, interest-free payments, and deferred interest payments. Credit cards do not offer these options.

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