6 Outrageous Outdoor Furniture and Design Ideas

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Outdoor spaces are meant for fun and enjoyment. There are few better ways to enjoy a warm summer’s day than by making use of cool and interesting outdoor furniture designs that are specifically made for backyards. Whether your idea of fun includes backyard exploration or simply lounging in the sun, you’ll be able to find something to suit your fancy. Check out some of these great outdoor area design ideas.

Backyard Camping

This idea is perfect for anyone who loves camping but doesn’t have time to get away, or for kids who want to have a backyard camp out. This sturdy, colorful structure is perfect for hiding from the scorching summer sun. It functions ideally as a playhouse for the kids that can turn into a sleep-away style tent at night and a stylish covering for adults who want to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of damaging sun rays beating down on them. Make this structure extra special by adding some beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture to the inside of the structure, just like the kind you can find at Design Furnishings.

Outdoor Play Area

Parents who are tired of having kids who spend too much time playing video games rather than playing outside will love this idea. Kids will be clambering to get outside to play on this structure. The hanging ropes will provide a challenging athletic course that even young kids can tackle. The wooden planks on the bottom will help kids with their balance and agility. This structure is also great for building healthy habits and increasing imagination. The only loser here is the video games!

Drinks Anyone?

Kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun outdoors. A cool bar area is just what an outdoor living area needs to spice up life for the adults of the house.  The distressed wood gives it that perfect beachy look and the stools are the perfect size and height. The great swinging overhead doors allow you to close-up shop when no one’s home or to keep the kids out. When the doors are raised, though, everyone will know it’s time to come on over.  Be warned, once the neighbors catch site of this fabulous outdoor bar, you’ll have company every night.

Homemade Beach

Love the beach but can’t get to the seaside? This “grown-up sandbox” is the perfect answer. There’s plenty of sand to squish between your toes, and a hammock is the perfect place for a summertime siesta. The trees add the perfect tropical flair. The low beach chair is the icing on the cake. Adding a fire pit, like the ones you can find at Design furnishings, would put this suburban oasis over the top!

Let’s Play!

Here’s a great back yard idea for the perennial game lover. Anyone who is a lover of board games won’t be able to resist having a giant Connect Four game in the back yard. This game is as addicting in giant form as it is as a tabletop game. Not only can this game be a focal point and a conversation piece, it’s the perfect excuse to invite people over for a friendly tournament. Adding this fun-filled game to the back yard decor will assure that your house is the meeting place on the block.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures in the world. They get that way through a process of sleeping in a cocoon. Now you can have your very own Cocoon in your back yard. All you need to provide is a tree or some other tall structure to hang it from. This fabulous pod is perfect for reading a book, watching the world go by, or even taking a nap. Whatever you choose to do in your Cocoon, you’ll emerge from it refreshed, renewed, and transformed.

Back Yard Bistro

The summer months bring beautiful weather that encourages al fresco dining. An outdoor bistro is the perfect setting for dining under the stars from the privacy of your own home. Creating an outdoor bistro is easier than it seems. Start with a patio or deck area for a base and add a canopy for some shade. Add a walled structure to add a boundary and privacy. A curved shape works quite well. Plants and flowers add some natural color to the area. Then, finish the bistro off with some personal touches such as an electric fire pit or lighting fixtures. Your final outcome will be so spectacular you’ll never want to go back inside.

Summer is the season for making the most out of your outdoor living space. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste a single minute inside the house. Stretch the limits of your imagination when designing your outdoor space and let Design Furnishings help you transform your backyard into your own personal paradise.