5 Outdoor Games To Play With Children

Outdoor Games to Play (1)

It can be difficult to get your children to play outside. Many children would rather watch television or play video games than take a hike or ride a bicycle. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, and it is a result of inactive children. If you want to protect your children from obesity, diabetes and heart disease, it is wise to motivate them to play outdoors so they can get some exercise while also having fun.

When it comes to getting outside and being active, kids respond best to things they are familiar with. All kids like to play so if you want your kids to spend some time outdoors, help them come up with some fun outside games that they can play with friends, schoolmates or neighborhood kids. Here are a few active outdoor games for children to get you started.

Flashlight Tag

This game is played at night and can have as many players as desired. One person or team gets a flashlight, and the others hide. The person or team who is “it” uses the flashlights to find the other players. Once someone has been tagged with the flashlight, they are out of the game. This game is great for kids because it gives them something to do at nighttime when they might otherwise be bored and requires running and a lot of movement. This game involves running and, of course, lots of laughter.

Sticks And Stones

This game is best played with a lot of people. Separate the players into two teams, the sticks and the stones. Designate two safe zones at opposite ends of a yard or field. Start the game by yelling either sticks or stones. The team you call must start chasing the opposite team as it runs towards their safe zone. Any team members that are tag must go to the other team. Once everyone has been tagged or make it to the safe zone, the game starts over with the new teams. The first team to get all of the players on their side wins.

Water Relay Race

Kids love to play with water, and nothing is better on a hot summer day then splashing around. A water relay race is a great way to get kids outside and to keep them active even on hot days. To play this game, you need two evenly numbered teams, four buckets, and two sponges. You can add more teams, buckets, and sponges if you have a large group of kids. Fill two buckets up with water, one for each team. Place the second, empty buckets several feet away to create two lanes with a bucket of water at one end and an empty bucket at the other. Start the teams behind the buckets with water and give the first players a sponge. Each player must dip their sponge in the water and then run to the empty bucket and wring out the sponge into it. The player must then run back to his team and pass the sponge on for a team member to do the same. The team that fills up the empty bucket first wins.

Capture The Flag

This classic game is fun for kids of all ages. Split the kids into two even teams and give each team a flag. The team must hide the flag within a designated area. Each team must also choose a home base location. Once the game starts, the players on each team must try to find the other team’s flag while also protecting their own flag and preventing the opposite team from finding it. The goal is to find the other team’s flag and return to home base without getting caught with it.

Outdoors Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will not only motivate kids to stay outside, it will also improve their endurance and teamwork. To play, create a list of objects that need to be found within a designated location. Items are often things found in nature such as leaves, rocks or flowers. Players are split into teams, and each team is given a scavenger hunt list. The team that finds all the items on their list first or the most items within a time period wins the game.

By motivating your children to play outside, you are helping them relate being active to having fun and creating new ways for them to exercise and interact with each other. There are many fun activities that can be enjoyed outside and kids always enjoy games and friendly competition. If these active outdoor games for children inspired you, encourage your children to stay active and create their own fun outdoor games to enjoy alone or with friends.

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