5 Gardens that Complement your Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set

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Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. There is truly something to suit everyone’s tastes and styles. Each of the following gardens has unique features that make it special.

Shade Garden

A shade garden is the perfect solution for a large overgrown yard. If a yard so overwrought with lots of vines, weeds, and unruly shrubbery that it can barely be walked through, it’s not necessary to avoid the area and ignore the issue.  A better idea is to clear the area and create a shade garden. Clearing the weeds and any debris out of the area is the first step. It is also essential to rid the area of any weedy trees that can detract from the beauty of the area. If possible, replace them with grand shade trees such as honeysuckle. Hostas and similar plants are great fillers for a large shade garden. To add some needed color to the garden, add some shade-tolerant perennials such as violets. Adding some items such as a water feature and wooden porch swing add a personal touch to the garden. Deep within the shady paradise is the perfect space for a seating area. Add some sturdy wicker chairs surrounding a table so a nice meal can be enjoyed there.

Cactus Garden 

Those who live in the Southeast or other warm and dry climates can really benefit from creating a cactus garden. There is a surprisingly large number of cacti that can work perfectly in a home garden. Not only are the varieties numerous, each type of cactus has its own unique size and shape, making the garden a gorgeous mix of spiny greenery. Cacti are notoriously easy to care for. They thrive on high temperatures, lots of sun, and small amounts of water. However, they are rather fragile, so they cannot be ignored nor abused. The perfect place to enjoy a cactus garden is from the comfort of a cushy chaise lounge that sits on the deck in the sun.

Rooftop Garden

A flat rooftop does not need to be wasted space. In fact, it’s a perfect location for a garden. Rooftop gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can be arranged to fit within any budget. This is also the perfect garden solution for those who live in an urban area that is limited in outdoor space. Rooftop gardens also have few rules that need to be followed, so the decor is completely up to the homeowner. If a rooftop is spacious, it can truly be an empty canvas with which to work. It’s the perfect place for some large potted plants and flowers. Brightly hued annuals add just the right pop of color and style. If there are scenic skylines to view from the rooftop, be sure to avoid having large pieces of shrubbery as decor, as they can easily obscure the intended view. A rooftop garden is the perfect place for summer entertaining so be sure to have some comfortable and stylish outdoor wicker furniture and a fire pit to finish off the look.

Wildflower Garden 

Wildflowers do not need to be limited to wide-open meadows. They make beautiful backyard gardens as well. Creating a wildflower garden can turn an ordinary backyard into a visually interesting wonderland. When choosing a location for a wildflower garden, choose flowers that are native to the geographical area in which it will be. Some research might need to be done to determine the best flowers. Once the right flowers are chosen, it’s not difficult to till the soil and plant the seeds. Then all it needs is some time for the colorful wispy blooms to star growing. A nice feature of wildflowers is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the garden will always be visually interesting. Once the wildflower garden has taken root, the wondrous beauty can be enjoyed while sitting at a wicker outdoor bar, right in your own backyard.

Cottage garden 

Planting a cottage garden is the perfect way to add some charm and sophistication to a back yard. A the eclectic yet natural look of a cottage garden can give a backyard the appearance of organized chaos. To achieve this look, some planning must first take place. There are some specific items a cottage garden must contain. The space for a cottage garden needs to be defined by a wall. Walls can easily be created with stonework or trellises. No cottage garden is complete without a fence element. A picket fence is traditional, however, any fence that provides some old-fashioned charm will do. The flowers that are planted in a cottage garden should be sturdy as well as beautiful. Also, add flowers that provide some ground cover as well. If there is ample room, adding a pathway to a pergola is always a nice touch to finish off a cottage garden. If a pergola isn’t possible, try adding some decorate objects such as a stone fountain to provide an added element of charm. Once the cottage garden is complete, all that is left is to enjoy it from some beautiful outdoor wicker furniture.

Any of these gardens will make the yard an extension of the home. Adding some outdoor wicker furniture and other accouterments from Design Furnishings can help to complete the look and allow you to turn your back yard into the peaceful sanctuary you’ve always wanted.