5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Area

Spruce Up YourOutdoor Space

Summer is here, and it’s time for people to start spending time outside. After months of being cooped up indoors, many people will be looking at their outdoor living area for the first time in ages. What they see may likely be a tired-looking space that needs some updating and sprucing up. Thankfully, giving an outdoor living area a summertime facelift does not need to be a daunting task. Keep reading to see some easy ways to spruce up your outdoor living space.

1. Lighting

Never underestimate the power of lighting. The right lighting can turn an ordinary backyard into a summertime paradise. One of the best qualities of outdoor lighting is that there are so many choices that it is virtually impossible for someone to not find something that suits their tastes and needs.

  • Outdoor string lights can be strung throughout the yard to create soft ambiance.
  • Landscape and path lights can be placed in the ground to help people traverse walkways.
  • Deck lights provide lighting where people sit and socialize.
  • Tiki torches add character to a yard as they define the property lines.
  • Firefly lights add some whimsy to the outdoor living area while providing soft light.
  • Fire pits not only provide light, they also provide warmth for cool summer evenings and help create a social area in the backyard.

2. Create an outdoor living room

Many times people will balk at the idea of socializing or even simply sitting outside because there is an expectation of discomfort. Creating an outdoor living room is the perfect way to bring the indoors outside while keeping everyone happy and relaxed. Plus, it is not difficult to create an outdoor living room. The most important feature of the outdoor living room is seating. The furniture in an outdoor living room should feature cushions that are weather-safe and inviting for someone to sit in. Don’t forget to include a coordinating table to complete the look. If you are not sure how to arrange the furniture, take a cue from your indoor arrangements. Make the area conducive to having conversations and simply enjoying the weather. Personalize your outdoor living room by adding a fire pit or even an outdoor bar.

3. “Convert” your garage

Thinking outside the box can pay off in dividends. Turning the garage into a party area is a great way to get double-duty out of the car’s house. This is the perfect solution for people who have small yards that are not conducive for socializing. Just park the cars in the street for the evening and you have the basis for the perfect area for a casual get-together or an elegant dinner party. Hang some fabric panels along the doorways and anyplace where there are tools that need to be hidden. Then add some tables, seating, and accent lighting. Finish off the décor with some potted plants and some wicker side tables for serving. An added bonus for converting the garage into a party area is that it is a great way to outsmart Mother Nature, as there is no need to dash inside if it starts to rain.

4. Add a pergola or gazebo

It is amazing the amount of panache and pizzazz a structure such as a pergola or gazebo can add to an outdoor living area. These structures have many qualities that make them a great option to add to a backyard.

  • They can help to define a patio or create an area that is separate from the rest of the yard for folks to “hang out”.  Adding a feature such as a fire pit or bench can further define the unique space.
  • They can provide protection from weather elements
  • They can provide an additional gardening area.
  • They add privacy.
  • They add visual interest and aesthetic beauty to the yard.
  • They may increase the home’s overall value and attract buyers if you decide to sell your home.

5. Add an outdoor beverage area

Nothing beats the summer heat better than a cool drink. But, who wants to go inside for it? Have the best of both worlds by adding an outdoor beverage area to the backyard.  Refinish and paint an old bar cart and stock it with glasses, an ice cooler, and some cool drinks. Be sure to have soft drinks for the kids as well as libations for the adults. Don’t forget to have a water source to keep everyone well-hydrated. If you can’t find an old bar cart, you can repurpose an old dresser, use a few old crates or pallets. However you choose to create your outdoor beverage area, do not forget to add a few bar stools for people to sit at while enjoying their cool drinks.

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living area, and however you choose to do it, Design Furnishings can help you. We have a wide variety of wicker furniture and accessories to help you design the perfect outdoor living space.

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