5 Benefits of Purchasing Wicker Chairs and Tables


Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor living space is just as important as choosing furniture for the interior of your home. You have many choices for furnishing your deck or patio, so it is important to weigh the options carefully. One option you should consider is synthetic wicker furniture. Not only is it attractive and affordable, but it also has many other benefits that make it a sensible choice for anyone who needs new outdoor chairs and tables.

Easy to move/lightweight

One great reason to choose wicker chairs and tables is that they are lightweight and easy to move. Synthetic wicker is one of the lightest materials available for making wicker furniture. Even the sturdiest wicker furniture can easily be moved around a patio, deck or indoor room by just one person. So, it is an ideal choice for areas that have ample room and can be rearranged in different designs on a regular basis.

It is also beneficial for people who do not have the strength to move heavy furniture or who live alone and do not have available help. Despite its weight, it is still sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather or rambunctious children.


Synthetic wicker is sturdy and durable and can stand up to a great deal of use from its owners. The secret to the strength or resin wicker furniture lies in the construction of the frame. Usually, the frames of wicker chairs and tables are made out of aluminum or steel. These materials create final products that can stand up to harsh conditions without trouble. Synthetic wicker furniture also has a coating on it that keeps it from coming unglued, ensuring the furniture will last for several years and still look like new.

Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use

The versatility of synthetic wicker furniture also makes it an ideal choice for wicker tables and chairs. Wicker furniture looks great, and it is the perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor decor. When wicker furniture is used outside, it creates an inviting feeling for you and your guests.

Wicker furniture is comfortable, and there are many choices of cushions that are available to help to complement your outdoor entertaining area. Wicker furniture is just as usable inside as well. The bases of wicker tables and chairs are neutral, so they fit into any decor. Wicker furniture is particularly helpful when you are entertaining indoors as it can provide extra seating and surfaces on which to place food and drinks.

Easy to care for

If you want furniture that is easy to care for, you need to look into purchasing resin chairs and tables. Synthetic wicker could not be easier to take care of. It is resistant to water, mold and mildew. So, you can keep it outside even in the nastiest weather and there is no need to worry about it getting ruined. The resin coating also makes it resistant to sun damage. It can stay out in the sun all day all summer long, and it will never fade.

Further, since the color of the resin is mixed into the material when it is manufactured, the color will not peel or flake even when it is exposed to the harshest of conditions. Wicker is made to be used outside. So, it is naturally exposed to dirt and pollen. You can easily clean off the furniture by spraying it with an ordinary garden hose and letting it air dry. If the furniture gets particularly grimy, it is still easy to clean. You can follow these simple instructions and your furniture will look like new again.


When furniture of any kind is purchased, it should be considered an investment. No one wants to purchase new outdoor furniture every year. Older types of outdoor furniture are flimsy and cannot stand up to the weather or general wear-and-tear that a typical family will produce. Often, at the end of a season, folding patio chairs need to thrown away because their usefulness has been depleted.

This is not the case with synthetic wicker furniture. Since it is sturdy and durable, it is built to last for many years. Even when the furniture is left out in the elements or treated roughly, its resilience shines through. In the long run, a homeowner will end up spending less money on a quality set of synthetic wicker furniture than they would on cheap and flimsy patio chairs that need to be replaced yearly.

Synthetic wicker furniture can enhance the appearance of any outdoor or indoor area. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why purchasing synthetic wicker tables and chairs is a wise choice. If you need new wicker furniture for your home, Design Furnishings has many choices that will appeal to your sense of style.

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