4 Ideas On Extending Your Outdoor Living Into the Fall

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As the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and the wind carries that autumn chill, it may seem that enjoying outdoor living is no longer an option. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Autumn is a season with its own unique set of challenges, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying the beautiful fall colors, entertaining on your patio, or otherwise spending time outdoors. Take a look at these four ways to take advantage of everything that fall offers – right in your own backyard!


1. Bring the fireplace outside with you.

One of the greatest feelings of fall is sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, chasing away the chill with the crackle of the fire and some hot cider. You can enjoy the same feeling outdoors using a fire pit, which can be installed in a backyard and can come in propane or firewood varieties.

A fire pit can be made of stone, wrought iron, wicker, brick, or even glass; choose one that matches best with your existing decor, in both color and texture. Stone works particularly well with wicker, especially if your patio furniture is of a lighter color!

One way to take advantage of your fire pit is to host an autumn fire pit gathering; just because it gets colder doesn’t mean that your entertaining has to move indoors! Arrange your patio furniture around the fire pit, and serve up some warm cider. Let guests create their own s’mores by toasting marshmallows in the fire and combining with some classic chocolate and graham crackers – and by the light of a crackling fire, you’re sure to be talking late into the night.

For more tips on hosting an outdoor party in fall, check out the Decoist website.


2. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween.

Carving pumpkins is a favorite activity for kids on Halloween, and displaying them on the front steps is a classic and time-honored signal that fall is really here. However, pumpkins aren’t limited to their jack-o’-lantern forms – you can use them to create elegant, fall-themed decorations for your outdoor living spaces.

If you have outdoor tables, such as coffee tables or other patio furniture, try piling on pumpkins of different colors and varieties, whether as a centerpiece or a general decoration. You can also try lining your steps with pumpkins; this decoration works best when different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties are used.

If you do decide to carve your pumpkins, you can try a design other than a scary face – patterns look beautiful when illuminated with candles from the inside! Take a look at some other fall-themed pumpkin decoration ideas at Southern Living’s website.


3. All-weather wicker is worth investing in.

Wicker furniture is appealing both for its comfort and its decorative appearance. When placed outdoors, and especially when centered around a fire or barbecue pit, it gives off a feeling of coziness and comfort, which is exactly what outdoor living in autumn is supposed to be about!

However, not all wicker furniture is made to withstand the rainy weather that comes with fall; to prevent deterioration, consider investing in all-weather wicker, which can be left out in the rain and not face any damage.

When decorating for fall, complement wicker furniture with warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges, which often reflect the beauty of the autumn leaves. You can also try incorporating natural decorations, such as corn husks, gourds, or fall plants, into your outdoor space; this evokes the feelings of a changing season that come with autumn.

For more ideas, take a look at these fall decorating tips from Better Homes and Gardens.


4. Prepare for the rainy season.

Although all-weather wicker can withstand most of the wet weather that fall has to offer, not all patio furniture can do the same; that’s why it’s important to take steps to protect your wicker furniture so you can use it throughout autumn and make sure it lasts into summer!

One way to protect your furniture is through purchasing outdoor umbrellas – although these are used for shade in the summer, they can also keep your furniture and decorations dry when it rains. Umbrellas also add an appealing decoration to your patio; make sure to choose one that matches your existing furniture. Although umbrellas can withstand rain, make sure that you take down your umbrellas if you live in an area with high winds – you don’t want them to blow away!

If an umbrella is not an option due to windy weather, consider investing in patio furniture covers. These all-weather, rain-resistant, wind-resistant covers are used to keep your furniture safe from inclement weather, and dry so that you can entertain outdoors on clear autumn nights!