3 Ways to Use Patio Accessories to Improve Your Outdoor Experience

© zhu difeng

On a nice, sunny day, there are a million and one reasons why you should be spending time outdoors. Yes, you may have the basic outdoor table and chairs (that you may have purchased from Design Furnishings) to use as you relax and stay hydrated. However, what some people do not realize is how useful outdoor patio accessories can be to keep you comfortable outdoors from dawn until dusk – or later.

Outdoor patio accessories come in many sizes and styles that are sure to match your current outdoor patio furniture. Here are some of our favorite outdoor accessories and why we have found them to be useful:

1. Wicker Patio Storage Chests

Having a storage chest on your patio can not only help you keep your patio tidy but it can also help you preserve the life of your outdoor furniture cushions. A storage chest, especially one located under an overhang, can be a great place to store those outdoor accessories that you would not like to have out during a storm like cushions or your table umbrella.

If you are spending time outdoors, you may enjoy gardening or taking extra care of your grass. Outdoor storage chests can also be a great place to keep extra hoses and hose accessories, lawn care products like grass seed or weed killers and there may even be room left to keep a spare umbrella – which leads to the next accessory…

2. Umbrellas

If you do not already have an outdoor umbrella, it is a great investment. Temperatures underneath an umbrella can be substantially lower than in direct sunlight. If your current outdoor furniture was not made to hold an umbrella, there is an alternative.

Freestanding umbrellas can be a great asset to any outdoor occasion. With the durability and movability of these products, you can create shade almost anywhere – making your patio or yard a much more enjoyable place to spend time.

3. Fire Pits

If the weather is right and you plan on staying outside all night, there is no better outdoor accessory for you than a fire pit. As the sun goes down and the temperatures cool, the weather may make you crave the taste of a toasted marshmallow. Having a fire pit on your patio can help keep you warm and quench that craving.

Many modern fire pits are as decorative as they are useful, and they run on gas. In addition, many can be covered and used as a table when they are not being used to house a fire.

When you are trying to relax outside on the perfect day, you may find that things are not as perfect as they could be with the use of one or more of the aforementioned outdoor accessories. Spending time outdoors is said to keep you happy and healthy. However, it can become a pain when your patio is cluttered, the direct sunlight is too hot or the temperature is dropping below your comfort level as the sun goes down.

Using these accessories can certainly help outdoor living become more comfortable.