3 Ways To Enjoy Your Gas Fire Pit


Everyone dreams of having a fireplace in their home – a centerpiece of the living room around which family members can gather and which provides a feeling of warmth and comfort during cold days. However, fewer people know that a gas fire pit can provide the same benefits – but outdoors, on the patio or in the backyard, where a whole range of other options for enjoying the fireplace opens up.

1. Use it as a gathering space.

Having a gas fire pit is the perfect excuse to gather your friends and loved ones together, whether formally or informally. The central location of the fire pit allows people to gather around it in wicker chairs, enjoying its warmth while also using it as the centerpiece for meeting and conversing with others.

You can throw a party for your friends in the neighborhood, inviting them over for some great food and lively conversation. Take this opportunity to break out your best silverware and try that new recipe you’ve been meaning to tackle for months; entertaining is a great way to not only bring others enjoyment, but to have some fun for yourself.

Or you could have a more informal, family-oriented gathering; for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, or any other type of special occasion, use the outdoor gas fire pit as a way to draw people together. You can try your hand at barbecuing (on a grill of course, not over the actual fire) or even just order pizza to celebrate around the fire together. Get together to watch the big game, and then move to the backyard, around the gas fire pit, to replay its greatest moments. Congratulate a family member on a new job or an engagement with celebratory drinks around the fireplace. No matter the occasion, you can find a way to bring everyone together with a fire pit.

Finally, enjoy the fire pit as simply a way to carry out many of the moments of everyday life that families share so often. You can eat dinner together on the patio, rather than staying inside because the fire pit will provide light and warmth. Spend evenings just sitting on the patio and talking, or bring the kids out into the backyard for some camping in the summer.

2. Decorate your patio.

Because the fire pit is not only a way to enjoy the warmth and light from a fire but is also a carefully-crafted furnishing to add to your patio or backyard, you can enjoy its benefits as an aesthetic addition to your home as well as its practical uses.

Gas fire pits are made to stand out as an artful centerpiece in your backyard or patio, but at the same time, they retain the unique ability to blend into your other patio furnishings and thus provide a feeling of unity to your outdoor decor. You can use the piece as a jumping-off point from which to gain inspiration for other furnishings, from deck chairs to tables to the plants in your garden.

Depending upon how developed your patio is, you can either choose a fire pit that fits your needs or build your patio tile around the color and style of the pit itself, developing everything from a style of modern elegance to a rustic Mediterranean-themed outdoor space. As a result, it can provide a powerful inspiration for your outdoor decorating ideas, as well as impress visitors with its craftsmanship and artful appearance.

3. Enjoy the variety.

With so many different types of gas fire pits to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of selecting what you want your fire pit to look like along with appreciating the pit itself. Start by looking at what shape you want it to take, from circular to rectangular; consider what other shapes are prevalent on your patio, then just go off of your instinct. You can also choose from several different materials, including cast aluminum, slate, and porcelain. Each of these has its benefits, but ultimately it comes down to what you see as matching better with the other decorations in your backyard and what your personal tastes are. Colors such as brown and silver provide variety, and textures from woven to tiled add a sense of elegance to the finishings. You can also consider several accessories that you can add to your fire pit, from a burner cover to fire glass, which comes in a warm amber color and adds a modern aesthetic to the fire pit.

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