What 2015 Will Bring For Outdoor Furniture?

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Every year, new trends in landscaping, outdoor living, and home decor emerge. The way that we design, furnish, and maintain houses today is different from the way it was 50 or even 25 years ago, and this will keep changing as new designs, products, and styles emerge.

One area in which change is imminent is outdoor furniture, which includes furniture on the patio, in the front or back yards, or in the garden. Take a look at these trends for the upcoming year, and take away some ideas on how to incorporate them into your outdoor living!

Large wicker sets

As we enter the new year, large sets of outdoor wicker furniture will remain popular. Wicker furniture is often weather-resistant, and adds a classic, rustic feel to many porches and back yards; for these reasons, it is a popular choice for outdoor design.

Outdoor rooms

One trend that will grow in popularity is outdoor rooms. Creating a separate, fully furnished room outdoors is a large undertaking, but the rewards are worth the time, effort, and money spent; a beautiful room that can be used for entertaining, cooking, relaxing, or a combination of the three.

An outdoor kitchen can be great for grilling, and you can set up dining furniture alongside the kitchen to create an intimate and relaxed dining experience. Design Furnishings sells wicker furniture dining sets in numerous styles; you can choose your theme, and design the room around that.


In terms of accessories, lanterns will gain much more prominence in 2015 as outdoor lighting moves beyond the traditional “holiday lights” and into a more freeform presence. Lanterns can be arranged on porch steps, or on a table as a centerpiece; they can also be strung around a garden or hung from trees. They can be made of anything from wrought iron to the more delicate paper, and can fit a variety of designs, from modern to classic. Take a look at Martha Stewart’s ideas for incorporating lanterns into outdoor living.


Ottomans are furniture pieces, usually used for seating, that do not have a back or obvious legs. They can be round, square, or in any shape you desire, and are built for comfort and style. The ottoman trend is picking up, and will rise to even more prominence in 2015, especially when it comes to outdoor seating.

Ottomans, especially those made of wicker, are durable and stylish; they can be paired with a table, or left to stand on their own as a sleek seating option. They are very comfortable once the upper cushion is selected; you can choose the color to match any existing themes that you may have. Take a look at these ideas for using ottomans in outdoor seating.

Outdoor entertainment

Research conducted by lawn and garden companies indicates that in 2015, homeowners will have a greater interest in outdoor entertainment as part of their outdoor living. This can include decorative pieces, such as statues, wind chimes, lanterns, and fountains; outdoor entertainment also includes items such as fire pits, which can be great for gathering around in groups or when entertaining. It can also mean more complex relaxation accessories such as pizza ovens and high-end patio heaters, which can provide an added interest in being out on the patio.

Eco-conscious furniture

As the environment continues to be a priority for governments, organizations, and individuals across the nation, homeowners will be looking more at eco-friendly furniture, and the environmental benefits of purchasing such furniture. Outdoor furniture that uses sustainable materials, reduces its carbon footprint, or donates to environmental causes will be more attractive for these benefits, and will provide a beautiful aspect of the overall design of the outdoor living space.


This simple material, which had at a time gone out of fashion due to its simplicity, is making a comeback, as large wood grains and rustic designs are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor furniture.

Mixing it up

Ultimately, as more and more experimentation is done with outdoor furniture styles, and homeowners can look at what looks best and what does not, new styles will develop. Among these is the idea of mixing and matching; for example, mixing wicker and wrought iron, or stone and wood.

Mixing textures, materials, colors, or even design styles and elements leads to a less homogenous and more lively space, and most of the time, the mixture ends up with a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. This trend is likely to expand in 2015, because the passage of time allows for natural experimentation to occur and new styles and mixtures to become popularly known.